‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julian Jerome Faces Off With Revenge-Seeking Morgan, Will He Be Killed By The Corinthos Boy?

Revenge is the name of the game on General Hospital this week, as Morgan Corinthos is going after Julian Jerome to get even for his father’s shooting that almost killed him. As Sonny Corinthos is lying in a hospital bed not knowing yet whether he is paralyzed or not, his son is chasing down his mob rival. In the ABC sneak peek for the week of September 21, it looks like Julian is trying to convince Morgan that he was not the shooter.

On Friday’s episode, Morgan caught up to Julian thanks to TJ, who overheard him and Alexis talking about where they were headed to until the actual shooter was found. Now that Julian is face-to-face with the end of a gun barrel, will Morgan be able to go through with it? Alexis is also involved and trying to talk Morgan out of shooting her guy.


The youngest of the Corinthos boys may be battling bipolar disorder just like his dad, as he has been going on rants for a while now and making bad decisions. Sonny and Carly had been trying to convince their son to get checked out to see if he does suffer from the same thing. Morgan has not been able to control his emotions lately and has gotten him into trouble.

Now that he is seeking revenge on Julian Jerome, his older brother Michael is desperately trying to find him to stop him from actually doing it. According to We Love Soaps, Julian is still alive and breathing after this ordeal, so it sounds like Morgan ends up changing his mind about killing him. Michael may find his brother and talks him down from his rage, saving Julian’s life.


Later in the week on General Hospital, Julian is happy that Alexis seems to be sticking by him, believing that he had nothing to do with Sonny’s shooting. Michael and Carly also try convincing Morgan to get the help he needs to combat this illness he may indeed be suffering from.

While Morgan is flying off the handle, Michael is staying calm through all of this and will be seeking to protect his family while his dad is recovering at the hospital. He is slated to become the temporary mob boss taking over Sonny’s territory.

There are also rumors flying around that Michael will soon become a daddy. Sabrina may be pregnant, so this could affect his decision to take over the business.

The mob wars have been a huge part of General Hospital, but many viewers have said that they are tired of it. What are your thoughts? Are you happy seeing the Corinthos family pulling together to support Sonny and his business?

[Photo courtesy of Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images]