David Cameron Piggate Scandal: Should It Really Matter?

British Prime Minister David Cameron has been implicated in a piggate scandal. During his time at university, he allegedly placed his private member into a dead pig. Social media is going crazy over the allegations, but it has brought up the question over whether it should really matter. So far, Downing Street has refused to comment on the allegations made.

The allegations come at a time of feud. Cameron has reportedly fallen out with Lord Ashcroft, who made the claims in a book written with Isabel Oakeshott, according to The Independent. The lord was passed over when it came to leading roles in the Coalition Government in the last parliament, which led to their long-term friendship coming to an end. The book Call Me Dave: The Unauthorised Biography is set for release next month.

In the book, Lord Ashcroft claims that David smoked cannabis and performed obscene acts on a dead pig. The latter was allegedly part of an initiation during his time at Oxford University. He would have been in his late teens or early 20s at the time.

While some have been disgusted, others who are not all David Cameron supporters have said that it should not matter. People have taken to social media using the #piggate hashtag, insisting that something done during university years does not affect the person’s (possible lack of) ability to rule today.

Many people do silly things when they are at university. They do them to fit in with their peers, and because they naively believe that their actions will not have any consequences in the future. Some believe that the student years are the times to experiment and have fun. Initiations are part of that to get into secret and exclusive clubs.

The Sun previously reported a number of hazing events happening in British universities; ones that once only happened in the United States. Many of the sports teams in UK universities involve their first-year members in “suicide shuttle runs,” which involves binge drinking, eating hot chilis and gone-off milk, among many other things. One year, female Cambridge students had to simulate sex acts.

Lord Ashcroft says that there is photographic evidence of Cameron’s debauchery. However, the person who has it has not shown it yet. It is possible that the British Prime Minister has had his identity mistaken.

While there are some who will judge him for these allegations, there are others who view it as a student mistake. Some on social media wonder whether it really affects David Cameron’s ability to rule the country today.

[Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]