Google Nexus Rumors: Huawei Nexus To Have 128GB Memory

The latest Google Nexus rumors indicate that the first Nexus phone with 128GB could be on its way. The model, expected to be made by Huawei, is expected to have the larger memory, rather than just opting for the 32GB and 64GB versions. Google’s event to unveil the latest Nexus devices will be held on September 29.

Digital Spy reports that larger memory could be on its way, and the device may be called the Nexus 6P. Each extra increase in memory could lead to between $50 and $100 being added to the price tag. Due to the larger memories, a microSD card slot is unlikely to be available, a move that a number of other manufacturers have made. Samsung recently made the decision to remove the microSD card slot from its Galaxy Note series. Some publications believe that the microSD slot will be available on the Huawei device.

There are likely two new Nexus devices being released, according to rumors. Huawei is expected to make the larger 5.7-inch display phone to combat the Galaxy Note series and iPhone 6 Plus. LG is expected to manufacture the second phone, which will have a 5.2-inch display and is expected to be called the Google Nexus 5. Another specification includes a fingerprint scanner, possibly to combat Apple and Samsung’s additions in recent years.

Venture Capital Post believes that the latest Android operating system is going to be released at the upcoming event. Google Nexus rumors suggest that the new Android 6.0 operating system, nicknamed Marshmallow, will be introduced. The two new Nexus phones are expected to be the first to have the operating system installed out of the box.

The phones are expected for release around October or November. Some put the date as October 13, which would be about the same as previous Nexus models. Google tends to avoid the release dates of other big names. Samsung has already released its Galaxy Note 5 in the United States, and Apple’s latest iPhone is coming. An October date would give people plenty of notice in time for the Black Friday event in November, when many people traditionally buy their electronic devices cheaper than other times of the year.

It is also possible that a new Google Chromebook and Nexus 8 will be released before the end of this year. These are all just Google Nexus rumors at the moment, and nothing can be confirmed until the introduction event later this month.

[Photo by Matthew Sumner/Getty Images]