Patriots Win As Bills Can’t Defend Against Brady’s Pass Throwing Ability

The Patriots consistently beat the Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium whenever they meet there. With Brady at the top of his game, this past Sunday was no different.

Tom Brady and the Patriots defeated the Bills 40-32, bringing their record so far this season to 2-0.

This year, the Bills have a new head coach, Rex Ryan, and a new quarterback, Tyrod Taylor, so many were expecting this game to play out a little different than past years. Ryan coached the Jets for six seasons, and the games against the Patriots were always close.

In 2014, the Bills’ defense dominated the NFL by leading the league 54 sacks and held fourth in yardage. Prior to the game, Ryan commented how the Bills’ defense dislikes the New England Patriots and how they looked forward to going against them. Yet, their aversions toward the opposing team did not help them.

As the New York Times reported, it was the defense that struggled against Tom Brady’s relentless throwing ability that sealed the game win. Completing 38 of 59 attempts, Tom Brady passed for 466 yards, the second-highest total of his career. Three of those passes led to touchdowns. Brady has already thrown for more yards and touchdowns than he did during the first two weeks of his record setting 2007 season. This, obviously, has Patriot fans hoping for a repeat this year.

The Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady explained their game-winning approach.

“We threw the ball a lot. There will be a lot of different ways to win, and the important thing is to find a way to get the victory — run it, pass it.”

Trying to keep the ball in Brady’s hands, the Patriots only rushed the ball 15 times for a total of 56 yards. Instead of opting to blitz Brady, the Bills’ defenders dropped into coverage hoping the defensive line would create pressure.

The strategy backfired according to Ryan.

“We thought we had an advantage there. I’ve been on the wrong end of it a few times when the kid gets hot, and Brady was hot, and if you make a mistake on top of it, he kills you.”

According to, the Bills’ offense and quarterback didn’t fare much better. Tyron Taylor ended the game with 242 yards, three interceptions, and three fumbles. Additionally, he was sacked eight times, which some believe was because he held the ball too long.

Unfortunately for Buffalo fans, getting beat by the Patriots is all too familiar, as they have lost 11 of the last 12 home games. It may have been a combination of the defense’s inability against Brady’s passing or Taylor’s inexperience. Either way, Ryan took the blame for the loss.

“Can’t give up 500 yards and turn it over three times. We did a horse — job and it’s my responsibility. I have to get better. Belichick outcoached me. No question about it.”

As reported previously by the Inquisitr, Patriots’ RB Dion Lewis may have played a crucial part in Sunday’s win as well, even though Rex Ryan didn’t think so.

Now that Deflategate is in the past, Brady and the Patriots proved they are still the team to beat this year. Yet, it is still early in the season, and the AFC East is still any team’s game.

[Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Image]