Landscaper Gets Grass Clippings On Elderly Man’s Car, Is Shot At In Return

A 91-year-old man in Florida was arrested after he fired his gun at a landscaper. The elderly man became enraged when the landscaper got grass clippings on his caregiver’s car. Therefore, he pulled out a gun and told the landscaper to get on his knees. He then fired a shot at the man before being tackled to the ground.

The Daily Mail reports that 91-year-old Max Horton was arrested after an altercation with a landscaper. The elderly man approached the landscaper after he saw the man spray grass clippings onto his caregiver’s car. The landscaper, Robert Hendrix, says he has known Horton for 14 years and apologized. He says he told the senior citizen that he had already removed the grass clippings and that it was an accident.

Despite his apology, Hendrix says that Horton was not satisfied and allegedly pulled a gun out. Horton then demanded that the landscaper get “on his knees” so he could shoot him. As the man dropped to his knees, Horton approached him with the weapon pointed at his head and Hendrix says he began pleading for his life.

“The victim stated he began to verbally express mercy for his life by stating ‘please don’t kill me’ while walking backwards while still on his knees.”

Luckily for Hendrix, another landscaper working in the yard intervened. As a result, Horton fired a bullet at the man on the ground. Fortunately, the bullet missed the landscaper. Together, the two men were able to tackle the senior citizen to the ground. Neither of the two landscapers were injured in the altercation; however, Horton received a black eye during the struggle.

According to the NY Daily News, police contacted the man’s wife of 69 years for a statement. The wife noted that her husband has “always been violent.” Neighbors agreed with the woman claiming the elderly man had a bad temper. Some said he would often “flip out” or “get angry for no reason.”

This isn’t the first time the senior citizen has been in trouble for threatening behavior. In 2013, Horton was accused of threatening Florida Hospital staffers. He allegedly told the staff that he had a gun in his car and they’d be sorry if he went to get it.

Meanwhile, as police escorted Horton to jail for the latest incident, he allegedly said he would get “payback” on neighbors. Police are now holding the elderly man in jail on attempted first-degree murder charges.

[Image Credit: Mugshot]