‘We Will Provide The Gun!’: Woman Asks Facebook Friends On To Come Kill Her Dog, Police Respond Instead

A Texas woman turned to her Facebook friends when her bulldog Cinnamon kept getting into her trash. The woman asked someone to please come kill her dog and that she would “provide the gun” if needed. However, instead of a quick death, the bulldog got a new lease on life after police took the dog into custody and placed it into foster care.

The Daily Mail reports that a Texas woman reached out to her Facebook friends to take care of a problem she was experiencing with her bulldog Cinnamon. The woman reportedly asked her friends to please come shoot the dog as no one in the house had the “heart” to do it. In fact, she even went so far as to offer to provide the gun to be used in the death of the naughty pet.

“I need someone to come shoot my dog, nobody here has the heart to do it! We will provide the gun!”

Friends tried to calm down the woman telling her to take some deep breaths before doing anything rash to the dog. However, the woman responded that she was “beyond” deep breathing regarding the situation. That is when animal rescuers were notified about the disturbing post. The group called the police for assistance in taking the dog into custody. The animal rescue group says when they approached the woman about the Facebook post she says she was angry because the dog kept getting into the trash.

Fortunately for the pooch, police responded quickly to the call when animal rescuers displayed concern for the dog. Police went to the Texas home on Thursday and took the dog without incident. Meanwhile, rescuers were on standby to give the dog a checkup and provide vaccinations.

Following her rescue, the three-year-old bulldog Cinnamon was placed in a foster home within 24 hours. Police note that they have no plans to file criminal charges against the woman as she willingly handed over the bulldog when they responded to the complaint.

CBS 19 reportedly went to the woman’s home for comment but her son answered the door. Instead of answering the question the son told reporters they were the “devil.”

“I know how the media works. You people are the f****ng devil.”

What do you think about the woman’s desperate Facebook plea for friends to come kill her dog? Should she face criminal charges for the heartless post or is willingly handing over the dog enough?

[Image Credit: Facebook via Daily Mail]