Cameron Brown Had A Horrifying Solution For His Child Support Woes

Cameron Brown was reportedly a man sick of his $1,000 per month child support payments.

He’d had a brief sexual relationship with a woman from the U.K. named Sarah Key-Marer. She would become pregnant during that time, and despite Brown’s repeated urging for her to get an abortion, she decided to keep the baby.

The baby was a little girl named Lauren Sarene Key, and for the next four years of her short life, she would become the center of child support arguments usually initiated by Brown.

“We watched her sparkle fade in the last months of her life,” Key-Marer said when Cameron Brown was brought to trial in May after 15 years of investigation in comments reported by Fox Carolina. “Her smiles diminished more quickly every time she witnessed the conflict … The funny, happy girl we all knew was fading.”

Josh Marer, Key’s stepbrother, shared an encounter that happened between him and the little girl the night before her death. He said she became upset, kicking over game pieces before running from the room and uttering an ominous declaration.

“I think I’m going to die tomorrow.”

The next day, prosecutors were able to show during the criminal trial, Cameron Brown took her to Inspiration Point in Ranchos Palos Verdes, California where he would pick the little girl up and hurl her from the 120-foot cliff.

His initial argument said she was running ahead when she tripped and fell, but expert testimony indicated otherwise, stating that placement and location of the body pointed more to her being intentionally flung.

On Sunday, September 20, ABC 7 reports, a sentence was finally handed down for Cameron Brown: life in prison.

That followed his first-degree murder conviction from earlier in the year.

Not helping Brown’s case was the fact that witnesses had testified that he said “it would be nice to get rid of Lauren,” so he could save himself the trouble of the $1,000 per month payments.

Still, not everyone was convinced of his guilt. His current wife, Patricia Brown, admonished the little girl’s mother.

“You know as well as anybody that it wasn’t a homicide,” she said, adding that her husband misses Lauren “more than anyone.” She also said she plans on appealing the case till the end.

What do you think, readers? Did Cameron Brown callously throw his daughter from that cliff 15 years ago, and if so, should he have received the life in prison sentence? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via KTLA, linked above]