Hillary Clinton Says ‘We’re not’ Preparing For Joe Biden To Enter Race

In an interview on CBS, Hillary said that her campaign is not preparing for a possible campaign launched by Vice President Joe Biden. Recent reports have indicated that Biden may be getting closer to entering the race for the White House.

Ms. Clinton said that the decision for Biden is a personal one and that people should give him space while he decides whether or not to run. She also said that she has a great amount of respect and affection for Mr. Biden.

“The vice president has to sort this out. He’s been so open in talking about how difficult this time is for him and his family. And he’s obviously considering what he wants to do, including whether he wants to run.”

Clinton also talked about her rival Bernie Sanders and said that she would not attack him during her campaign. When asked if she would attack Sanders, she said she has no interest in doing that and went on to say she respects him.

“I know Bernie. I respect his enthusiastic and intense advocacy of his ideas. That’s what I want this campaign to be about. And I hope people who support me respect that, because this is a serious election. I obviously am running because I think it’s better for the country if a Democrat who has the kind of approaches and values that my husband had and Barack Obama has follows this presidency.”

As reported by Yahoo News, Ms. Clinton dismissed the idea that she is a political insider. Many Americans have expressed their desire for a Washington outsider to be the next president.

“I cannot imagine anyone being more of an outsider than the first woman president.”

While the first woman president would certainly be a change, it wouldn’t exactly make Hillary an outsider. She was the first lady, a senator, and the Secretary of State. So to think of Ms. Clinton as an outsider may be a bit far-fetched.

Joe Biden has publicly expressed his doubts about launching a presidential bid. The Vice President is still grieving the loss of his son. Biden’s emotional strength has been questioned by himself openly.

According to reports, sources close to Biden say that it’s now a matter of when he will announce his candidacy. Biden’s entrance into the race would further harm Hillary’s standing in the polls. Bernie Sanders has already been gaining on Clinton. Biden would further complicate the race for the former first lady.

[Photo by Scott Eisen / Getty Images]