‘Final Fantasy 15’ Release Date Narrowed, New Trailers Released

It’s been a long wait for Final Fantasy XV, the next installment in the Final Fantasy series. A very long wait. An almost ten-year-long wait.

Yes, development on Final Fantasy 15 started shortly before its first unveiling at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in May, 2006. At the time, it was titled Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Since then, fans of the Final Fantasy series have been waiting in a bit of an information vacuum, with very little new information available. And they’re starting to get a bit desperate.

So with that all being said, it’s a relief to know that the release window has been nailed down — at least a little. While Square-Enix still refuses to confirm a solid release date for Final Fantasy 15 as yet, Latin Post is reporting that game director Hajime Tabata has at least been able to ensure Final Fantasy fans of one thing: Final Fantasy 15 will be coming sometime after March of 2016 — but before the end of the year.

“At the very least, I can tell you that [Final Fantasy XV] isn’t going to be released this year. I think we’ll be able to tell you when we’re making the announcement around PAX Prime, at the end of this month.

“We really do get the feeling that people are a bit worried. Certainly, one thing I would like to say to them to reassure them, is that we’ve set down the release date, we know when it is, and we’ve got a complete road map lined up, right up to launch, and we’re proceeding along that as planned. We can certainly say to people: it’s not going to be 2017. It’s going to be before that.”

Venture Capitalist Post is reporting that Square-Enix has a special event set for March, 2016, wherein they will reveal Final Fantasy 15‘s release date, and that they intend to hold a worldwide simultaneous release for the game itself; surely a relief to fans who want to avoid any spoilers of Final Fantasy‘s typically-rich (if convoluted) plots.

Meanwhile, some new Final Fantasy XV footage has come to light. Perhaps to soften the release date blow, Square-Enix released several new trailers for Final Fantasy 15 as part of their Tokyo Game Show media rollout, according to CinemaBlend. One trailer shows off Final Fantasy 15‘s chocobo riding and fishing.

The other, rather intriguing trailer, expands on the limited amount of plot revealed thus far for Final Fantasy 15 and is titled “Dawn 2.0.” If it’s necessary to mention: this trailer contains spoilers!

In conclusion: Final Fantasy 15 is coming, sometime in 2016, after March. And by all indications it’s going to have been worth the wait.

[Image courtesy Square-Enix, via YouTube]