Giuliana Rancic Makes An Awkward Red Carpet Return At 2015 Emmys

Giuliana Rancic made her red carpet debut at tonight’s 2015 Emmy Awards. She also made an awkward appearance as she asked stars questions and contributed to the hashtag #AskHerMore on social media.

Giuliana Rancic is no longer hosting E! News, but she’s still hosting the channel’s red carpet events. She attended the 2015 Emmy Awards in a blush long-sleeve gown with embellishments. Rancic wore her hair pin-straight with a middle part.

Giuliana Rancic must have missed the memo of the #AskHerMore hashtag, which was trending on Twitter. The Representation Project kick started the hashtag since actresses are usually asked about who they’re wearing and their beauty routine, while male actors are often asked about their roles or careers.

For example, Rancic started the sexist and misogynistic questions when she interviewed Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi. According to a previous report via Bustle, Rancic’s interview was really “awkward.” She asked the Emmy winner, “So tell me, you are in your forties now, and you have never looked better. A lot of women watch you, a lot of women want to know what are some of your tips for looking great and just glowing all the time?”

Clips on Vimeo and Vine revealed that Padma was annoyed by Giuliana’s question, but she remained professional as always. She answered that she relies on “happiness” because “nothing looks more beautiful than a smile.” And then added, “good food, good friends, happiness, and contentment are the best things on your face.” Giuliana went to ask similar sexist questions to Allison Janney, Joanne Froggatt, and Mayim Bialik.

Viewers took to Twitter to take notes on how Rancic treats the women differently from the men.

Giuliana also made thing super awkward when she interviewed American Horror Story star Sarah Paulson. The actress played conjoined twins on AHS: Freakshow. Giuliana kicked things off when she jokingly asked about Sarah winning two Emmys since she wore two heads on the show. Sarah responded with the sassy remark, “Sorry sweetie but everybody says that.”


The Fashion Police host then reminded the actress that she’s been nominated four times and has lost each time. Sarah then told Giuliana, “Thanks for bringing it up that I’ve lost four times.”

Then things got even more awkward when Rancic asked the actress if she and Lady Gaga have become best friends since they both work on the set of AHS: Hotel. Paulson responded, “I’m taking it slowly,” which then Rancic said, “So, that means no then.” The actress was obviously ready to end the interview, so she responded with, “Let’s move on.”

What are your thoughts on Giuliana Rancic’s red carpet debut at the 2015 Emmys? Do you agree that her red carpet interviews were awkward? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Larry Busacca/Getty Images]