Patti LaBelle Kicked Fan Off Stage, Then Apologized For Using A ‘Bad Word’

Patti LaBelle kicked a fan off stage during her recent concert in Vancouver and the legendary soul singer made it clear that she wasn’t too happy with the fan’s attempt to take his clothes off. As reported by People magazine, the incident happened at her concert Friday night at the Hard Rock Casino in Vancouver. Patti LaBelle was performing her hit song, “Lady Marmalade,” which is famous for its sexually suggestive chorus, when the 71-year-old invited a few audience members on stage to dance.

LaBelle was fine until one fan started stripping in front of her and began to unbutton his shirt. LaBelle, who is often called the Godmother of Soul, let the man know how she felt about his decision to get down and dirty on her stage and had some pretty harsh words for the fan.

“Don’t you dare, not on my stage,” she told the fan. “I am 71-years-young and I am not Nicki Minaj or that little, uh, Miley.”

Despite being warned, the fan ignored LaBelle’s remarks and continued with his antics which prompted LaBelle to motion for security.

“Get off my goddarn stage, b—,” LaBelle shouted at the man as he was being kicked off the stage. “And stay off. Put him out of the building. Put him out! How dare you!”

After the fan was kicked off stage, LaBelle continued on with the show, much to the pleasure of the cheering crowd. However, it was clear that the singer was feeling bad over her actions and she later issued an apology to audience members for using what she called a “bad word.”

“I’m so sorry,” she expressed. “I’m a Gemini and things come out of my mouth sometimes that I try to control …but don’t ever come in my face again.”

According to the New York Post, the singer admitted that she is fed up with young pop stars these days and expressed how she felt about the fashions at this year’s VMAs.

“You know, I watched the VMAs and I was totally turned off with what I saw. I need these young girls to put some clothes on! I would tell them to cover up and stop showing your breasts and butts — you do not need to be naked to sell records. But I don’t know if they would listen to an older woman. I am 72 years young, but I will continue to pray for them as well as myself.”

Although LaBelle didn’t name any names as to who she was referring to, she just simply said “you know who I am talking about.”

[Image via Monica Schipper/Getty Images Entertainment]