Hand Pressed Color: Hair Dyed Using Glass Is The New-New Thing – DIY Tutorials, Anyone? [Video]

If one searches YouTube for DIY videos of how to achieve “hand pressed color,” plenty of video results will show the hand-pressed color dyeing process for clothing and the like. That’s because New York super-colorist Chiala Marvici told Allure that her idea for the hand-pressed hair dyeing came to her in a dream — and it’s reminiscent of the type of hand pressed coloring that clothing manufacturers use.


On Instagram, the Hand Pressed Color hashtag currently has 85 posts, with some videos showing how the hand pressed color process works, by first painting hair color on sheets of glass before “pressing” the plexiglass together with layers of hair in between. The result is a multi-layered looking hair coloring result with lots of dimensions. Quite a bit of creativity came from that “hard to describe” dream about hand pressed hair coloring and sheets of glass.


“I know it sounds strange, but I had a dream where I saw multiple layers of patterns and sheets of colour, one in front of the other. The technique allows the colourist to create multiple layers and patterns to create a multi-dimensional feel.”

Marvici shares on her “” Instagram page certain tips on creating the hand pressed color look.

Spending the day in California teaching Hand Pressed Color #Repost @yoshi76

Other users, such as “” on Instagram are adopting the hand pressed color trend.

Plexi glass ☑
Putty knives ☑
Brushes ☑
Not doing any weird remodel project, just getting ready to try out a new hair coloring technique! #handpressedcolor#lifeofahairdresser #thankyouhomedepot

Videos of the hand=pressed color process are also making their way onto social media, which shows both the process and the results that can be gained by using a variety of shades in the hand press color process.


According to the Telegraph, the new hand-pressed hair-color technique also involves using a plastic knife to spread the color evenly over the hair. Perhaps the best part about the “hand-pressed color” process is that colorists can choose to use colors that are very similar in shade or totally different — giving their hair coloring clients an endless variety of looks.


The hand-pressed color creator calls the process fast and beautiful and offers plenty of workshops to help other colorists learn the process. With gold and blue and a variety of other shades used, hand-pressed hair coloring can provide striking results.


They can be strong hand-pressed color results, or soft and subtle.


The first model for the hand-pressed color appeared 12 weeks ago on Instagram.


[Image via Instagram]