Sofia Vergara Has Many Things To Smile About

Sofia Vergara is a generally happy actress; quick to smile and quick to laugh in every interview she gives. As of late, that smile seems to have gotten more pronounced. A lot of things are happening in her world right now, among them a wedding, a new perfume, entering the seventh season of Modern Family, and being generally known as a beautiful goddess. What’s not to smile about?

Tonight the 2015 Emmys are airing on FOX, and the Modern Family actress appeared on the red carpet with her equally enthusiastic fiance, Joe Manganiello, at her side. Although Vergara was not nominated for her role in the series this year, there are four nominations associated with the the show. Using her time on the red carpet well, she stopped to talk about her new fragrance with Ryan Seacrest, according to People. Offering her wrists to Seacrest without preamble, she divulged the inner workings of the scent.

“I got inspired on my wedding that is in November so we did a fragrance that is romantic and sexy at the end of the night.” The name of the perfume is Love; inspired by her wedding indeed.

While talking with Julie Bowen, Vergara’s costar on Modern Family, People asked her about their relationship and she couldn’t help but describe it in glowing terms, stating that they are perfect for each other. She went on to say that when it comes to Vergara, Manganiello is like a caveman, strong and decisive; just the right temperament for the assertive Colombian actress.

“She’s so strong and so calling the shots all the time and then you see them together and there’s a part of her that kind of melts. It just warms your heart to see that,” Bowen said of the couple.

As Inquisitr reported, Vergara recently confirmed her November 22 nuptials with the Magic Mike star. Joe proposed last December, and after a near year-long wait, details are starting to come out. The most important for Sofia is that it’s fun.

“I want a wedding where the guests are going to have fun…It’s about creating memories that you’re always going to cherish. That’s what’s important,” E! News reported. She disclosed many of her wedding day secrets to Martha Stuart Weddings, including how she feels about her soon-to-be husband.

Seeing the daily barrage of images from the couple, it’s hard to imagine the big day being anything but fun. Here’s to a wedding without a hitch a big record breaking win for the Modern Family family.

[Image credit to Jason Merritt/Getty Images]