Young Thug Calls Trump a ‘Punk,’ Wants To Free All Inmates

Young Thug makes the news so frequently that it is difficult to keep up with him. He’s frequently in trouble with the law, for serious charges like attempted murder and assault, as has been reported by the Inquisitr. He’s also said he is from another planet and his sexual orientation has been questioned as well as the intentions of many of his lyrics. However, this time he has decided to give some insight on the political arena: he does not like Donald Trump, according to All Hip Hop.

In fact, his words were anything but politically correct — and he then gave same advice to the French magazine Clique on what he would do if he was President of the United States. For the record, one must be 35-years-old and in good standing from a legal aspect to be a presidential candidate, so Thugger is out of the running. He did however take a few minutes with the French magazine to share his thoughts on Donald Trump’s candidacy and how it would differ from his own hypothetical chance to be president.

“What the f**k laws is he about to pass? They ain’t gonna ever let a punk win no mother***in election.”

One may presume, then, that by his statement, Thugger feels that either the position of president is not decided by a voting democracy, or that no former presidents have been bad enough to be called “punks.” He had nothing more to say on that topic, but did give some insight on what he would do as president, which is by far different than any political platform we’ve heard in a presidential debate. Apparently, no crime is too tough for Thug’s taste — he’d set everyone free.

“My first thing to do would be [to] free everybody in jail. 10 or 15 years of a n***a’s life is [enough]. He deserves a chance.”

He may hold this view because he was indicted on the attempted murder of fellow rapper Lil Wayne when his tour bus was shot at multiple times last April. Lil Wayne was not injured and Young Thug denies any involvement, but has a separate set of legal problems from threatening to shoot a mall security guard this summer. When the guard asked him to leave the mall, Thug and his entourage declined and then threatened him, prompting a call to local law enforcement. When police arrived, Young Thug was gone from the scene, but they managed to get a search warrant of his residence, which turned up illegal drugs. He is currently free on bond and touring, according to Hot New Hip Hop.

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