WWE News, Rumors: Brock Lesnar's In-Ring Return Announced And Date Of Third Match With The Undertaker

Just about every single bit of focus from WWE this evening is on the Night of Champions event, which is currently ongoing. Still, they opened the night by letting fans know something even bigger. As the Pay-Per-View began, a promo ran with a voiceover from Paul Heyman, which not only revealed the in-ring televised return of Brock Lesnar, but that his client would face off with The Undertaker at Hell In A Cell.

As recapped by WrestleZone, the promo run was for Brock Lesnar's "Go To Hell Tour." Paul Heyman's voice played over the promo and first plugged something else. Heyman discussed the WWE Network live special at Madison Square Garden where Lesnar will take on the Big Show.

That special will air on WWE Network on Oct0ber 3, and it is the first time that Lesnar will be wrestling at MSG in 10 years.

After that, Heyman revealed that Brock Lesnar will be next month's guest on the "Stone Cold Podcast" as well. It was after all of this that Heyman revealed the biggest news of all, and it's what will really have everyone talking.

wwe hell in a cell undertaker lesnar

At this point, Heyman revealed that Brock Lesnar's in-ring televised return would be at next month's Hell In A Cell, and his opponent would be none other than The Undertaker. Yes, the rubber match between the two men is going to take place in about a month.

Last year, Lesnar got the jump on The Undertaker by defeating him at WrestleMania XXX. Undertaker got the victory back last month by defeating Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam in a match that had a rather controversial finish.

The winner of next month's rubber match will officially take the series between the two.

WWE has confirmed the match and already put up a preview for the match that will take place at Hell In A Cell at the Los Angeles' STAPLES Center on October 25.

Heyman has been stating that his client was cheated out of a victory last month at SummerSlam. At one point, The Undertaker tapped out and the bell rang, but the official didn't actually see it happen. The match restarted, Undertaker gave Lesnar a low-blow, and then ended up pinning him for the win.

Brock Lesnar's televised in-ring return is now set for Hell In A Cell next month, and he will face off with The Undertaker for their rubber match. It's very likely that Lesnar and Paul Heyman will be back on TV soon to build up the match, but this is huge for next month's PPV and a big selling point for WWE.

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