Sexy Donald Trump Halloween Costume Is Super Classy, Terrific, And Fantastic [Photo]

The sexy Donald Trump Halloween costume is here to make All Hallows’ Eve great again, and it might be one of the silliest costumes of 2015. Or it just might haunt your nightmares.

According to TIME, the sexy Donald Trump Halloween costume is being sold by Yandy, a lingerie retailer known for its revealing costumes. Yandy has made up a ridiculous name for its female version of the Donald, and she sounds like she has a lot more fun than the GOP presidential hopeful. “Donna T. Rumpshaker” wants to shake America great again by showing off her moneymaker in a pair of tiny blue booty shorts. The sexy Halloween costume also comes with a fitted blue suit jacket, a white sleeveless collared shirt, and a tiny red tie.

The sexy Donald Trump Halloween costume costs $69.95, and a hugely successful businessman like Trump probably can’t help but admire Yandy’s practice of making so much off of so little material. The “Making America Great” hat is sold separately, and the slogan has been slightly altered from the one emblazoned on the baseball caps that Donald Trump wears on the campaign trail (he’s obviously just trying to keep the wind from blowing his hair up in the air like a yellow bird taking flight). According to Slate, Trump’s Manhattan campaign store sold out of his “Make America Great Again” hats shortly after he was first spotted wearing one. If you want the real deal, you’ll have to shell out $25 for the cheap-looking headwear over on Donald Trump’s website.

The wig Yandy chose to pair with its sexy Donald Trump Halloween costume is a bit too lush and natural-looking, so if you want hair that looks a little more Trump-ish, you might want to check out Spirit Halloween’s $15 “comb-over candidate wig.” The website also sells a slimy-looking “candidate mask” that would transform the silly costume above into one that is truly terrifying.

Judging from the Twitterverse buzz, Donald Trump-inspired Halloween costumes are going to be pretty popular this year, and it looks like the costume above has put an end to one girl’s struggle to choose between sexiness and silliness.

I’m going to be the scariest thing I can think of for Halloween… A Donald Trump supporter. — Adam Baumann |-/ (@baumannadam) September 20, 2015

If you do choose to rock a Donald Trump Halloween costume this year, don’t forget to stay in character by calling everyone “losers” and “morons.” According to New York Magazine, some of Trump’s other favorite words include “China,” “classy,” “Bible,” “huge,” “winning,” “terrific,” “fantastic,” and “Mexico wall.”

What do you think of the sexy Donald Trump Halloween costume? Is it hilarious, hot, or horrifying?

[Featured image credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty]