‘Fear The Walking Dead’: Everything We Know About Shawn Hatosy’s Appearance In Episode 4

Shawn Hatosy’s character in AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead has been kept under tight wraps by the network. While fans have gotten a chance to know other characters before the new zombie series aired, this character isn’t even listed on Fear’s IMDb page yet. So who is this character and why the secrecy?

WARNING: This article contains information ans speculation about episode 4 of AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead, if you have not watched all available episodes, please proceed with caution.

Shawn Hatosy is probably best known for his roles in the television series’, Bosch, Reckless, and Southland. However, his role in Fear The Walking Dead could possibly eclipse those roles if Fear follows in the footsteps of its companion series, The Walking Dead.

Little was known about his character in Fear The Walking Dead other than the information given with the original press release on Deadline listing him as a “well-intentioned but out of his element military man with a soulful disposition.” Fans got their first look at Shawn Hatosy’s character in one of the sneak peek promo videos for episode 4 (entitled “Not Fade Away”) when it aired after episode 3, but still little was known. Now, Comic Book Resources has had the opportunity to interview Shawn Hatosy before his debut in Fear The Walking Dead.

Shawn Hatosy stars as Andrew Adams in AMC's Fear THe Walking Dead Episode 4 Not Fade Away

Firstly, we have a character name: Andrew Adams. From the preview video of episode 4, we also can confirm he is definitely military. Hatosy describes Andrew Adams as such to Comic Book Resources.

“The way it was described to me before I came on board was, here was a guy who was a reservist in the military, probably somebody who worked at a big box store like Best Buy. He’s called to action. I don’t know if he has all the tools he might need to understand these kinds of military endeavors. He’s a little bit of a fish out of water.”

There are some interesting things to note in the interview. Firstly, Hatosy states that “it was a great experience working with the cast and everybody.” Was. Does this mean this character will not survive into season 2? Another interesting thing to note is the fact his character will be working closely with the Salazars, in particular, Daniel (Rubén Blades) and Ofelia (Mercedes Mason). Knowing how much Daniel is opposed to the authorities, could Andrew Adams perhaps also not be as convinced the military is doing the right thing? Only time will tell.

Finally, he also mentions there was one day he “spent a good amount of time in the special effects makeup chair.” While he also followed up with the fact that could “mean anything,” the most obvious reason for a Walking Dead or Fear The Walking Dead cast member to be spending a lot of time getting made up is because they are being transformed into a zombie. However, if there were an explosion or a battle, he would also have to spend a lot of time getting made up with injuries, so, once again, only time will tell.

You can view Shawn Hatosy’s first appearance as Andrew Adams in the preview video of episode 4 of Fear The Walking Dead below:

Fear The Walking Dead returns to AMC with episode 4 (“Not Fade Away”) on Sunday, September 20, 2015.

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[Image credit: AMC / Screen capture / Turner / TNT]