Will Ferrell Almost Trampled By USC Trojans

There is no doubt that Will Ferrell loves the USC Trojans. Being an alumnus, Ferrell has showed up to lead them on for the past several years. However on Saturday Ferrell almost got trampled by the Trojans. Ferrell had just led the team through the tunnel in the game against Stanford. Ferrell was cheering for the team and turned his back. The team then started to rush the field and Ferrell almost got trampled by the players. The video above makes it seem that Will did get trampled but below is a video from tweeter McKenna Keil that shows him safe and sound. Ferrell turned around just in time to get out of the way.


Why is Ferrell such a huge Trojan fan? Ferrell attended USC to learn sports broadcasting and graduated in 1990 with a Sports Information Degree. Since then he has supported the USC Trojans and has become a regular fixture at the college games. Ferrell has donned costumes to lend his support, such as “Tommy the Trojan” when he led the Marching Trojan Band and as “Captain Compete” to motivate the players.

Getting almost trampled in Saturday’s game will not likely deter Ferrell from supporting the team in the future. Ferrell has entertained fans and players alike with his pre-game antics. Almost getting trampled by the USC team will probably be a badge of honor for Will for years to come. It certainly may have hurt the game, as the Trojans went on to lose to Stanford.

In a 2013 interview with the Daily Trojan, Ferrell spoke about how he decided to be a comedian while attending USC.

“It’s not like you have a source or a confidante to bounce ideas off of when it comes to comedy. You really just have to beleive it. In a way, my time here at school was a stage.”

Perhaps the pregame mishap was just a Will Ferrell antic? It certainly does fit the comedian’s comic routines in the past, but we are all relieved that Ferrell didn’t end up getting hurt Saturday.

What do you think about Will almost getting trampled? Was it typical Ferrell slapstick comedy or did he really almost get trampled by the Trojans? Please feel free to post your comments below.

Watch the videos below and see Will Ferrell lead the USC Trojan Marching Band last year as Tommy Trojan and as Captain Compete a few years ago.

[Photo by Harry How/Getty Images]