'Real Housewives' Star Yolanda Foster Criticized For Lyme Disease Treatment

The topic of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Yolanda Foster and her Lyme Disease treatment continues to raise eyebrows in her own cast and in the press. Foster, as a celebrity, has had to deal with a great deal of criticism while dealing personally with her disease.

According to the Inquisitr, Yolanda Foster, now that she is feeling better, is ready to take on her alleged friends who have been critical of her Lyme Disease and suggested that she is faking somewhat.

The Ecumenical News reports that Foster was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2012, and was quickly criticized as it affected her brain function and caused great fatigue. Foster was also criticized for choosing to try alternative treatments like cryotherapy and stem cell treatments. They have commented that it was unsure if Foster was going to return full time to the Real Housewives series.

Perez Hilton is reporting that former RHOBH star Brandi Glanville has been in touch recently with Foster, and is happy that she seems to be on the mend.

"I talk to Yolanda Foster all the time! We were just together at her place. She's doing a lot better. she got her implants taken out and she's a new person."
Glanville also has praise for Foster's daughters, Bella and Gigi Hadid.
"They own this town. They own fashion right now. They are amazing. And they're good girls. When you talk to them, they're so grounded and normal and faithful."
Christian Post is saying that it has not been confirmed yet if Foster will return full time to the Bravo series, but says that Foster is hurt that people she works with would doubt the authenticity of her symptoms.
"Yolanda is very reluctant to return full time to the show because she feels that producers have pitted the ladies against her regarding the Lyme disease diagnosis. The other cast members are said to be questioning if the diagnosis is really as bad as it's made out to be. One of those cast members is Taylor Armstrong."
"Yolanda doesn't even know Taylor. How is she qualified to know about Yolanda's diagnosis and treatment?"says the insider.
Do you think Yolanda Foster will return to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

[Photo courtesy of Bravotv]