Kate Middleton Had A Disgusting Encounter Shaking Hands With Politician

Kate Middleton has to shake hundreds of hands a day during her royal engagements.

While doing this she has to trust that the people’s hands she are shaking are clean. But there’s photographic evidence that politician John Whittingdale had just cleaned his ear with his fingers before shaking hands with the Duchess Of Cambridge.

According to the Daily Mail, Kate Middleton was at the opening ceremony for the Rugby World Cup at London’s Twickenham Stadium when she met Culture Secretary John Whittingdale.

While standing and waiting for the encounter to commence, Whittingdale, who is a Cabinet Minister whose responsibilities include overseeing culture, media, and sport, decided to pick his ear with the little finger from his left hand. He then decided to inspect the wax that had now gathered on his finger.

However, then just a few moments later, the Duchess Of Cambridge Kate Middleton then emerged and Whittingdale had to immediately shake hands to the mother-of-two. But rather than cleaning his hand, Whittingdale then smeared the recently discovered wax on her hand.

This was all unbeknownst to Kate Middleton though, who managed to enjoy the opening game of the Rugby World Cup amongst the rest of the 82,000 crowd. This match saw England beat Fiji, 25-11 on Friday.

Kate Middleton was also joined at the encounter by her husband, Prince William, as well her brother-in-law, Prince Harry, and the trio could be seen clapping wildly and yelping with joy as the English team trounced their rivals.

Prince Harry even gave a speech at the opening ceremony to mark the occasion, which you can read in its entirety below.

Kate Middleton made her return to royal duties earlier this week having taken most of the summer off following the birth of Princess Charlotte back in May. Kate Middleton visited the Anna Freud Centre, where she was provided updates on their work with mental health work.

[Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images]