David Cameron Biography Claims U.K. PM Put A ‘Private Part Of His Anatomy’ In A Dead Pig

David Cameron, leader of the U.K.’s Conservative party and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom since 2010, has faced a lot of controversy over his political career. Among other rivalries, Cameron has had an ongoing feud with fellow Tory Lord Michael Ashcroft.

Now, the Daily Mail is reporting that Lord Ashcroft, in collaboration with journalist Isabel Oakeshott, has written a biography of David Cameron which makes some startling allegations – particularly, that The Right Honourable Prime Minister David Cameron once placed a “private part of his anatomy” in the mouth of a dead pig, as part of an initiation rite at Oxford University.

The book, titled Call Me Dave (an obvious and rather crass play on Caitlyn Jenner’s Call Me Caitlyn documentary) prominently features the story of the alleged dead pig initiation rite, indicating that it was recounted to the authors by an unidentified contemporary of Cameron’s who went on to become an MP, according to the Daily Star.

The biography focuses a lot on Cameron’s time at Oxford; entering the prestigious school in the wake of the popular British TV series Brideshead Revisited. The series featured the handsome Lord Sebastian Flyte, and Oxford peers suggest that David Cameron may have modeled his university persona after the character of Flyte and the decadent lifestyle of the Brideshead characters. James Delingpole, an Oxford friend of Cameron, recounts his experiences.

“There was a division at Oxford between those of us who wanted to live the Brideshead lifestyle — to ape it — and the people wearing donkey jackets who were in support of the miners.”

“The atmosphere among those of us who wanted to live the Brideshead life was really quite pleasant. There were cocktail parties in the Master’s Garden… and we could all play at being Sebastian Flyte.”

According to Call Me David, however, Cameron took things a lot further, joining the infamous Piers Gaveston Society, known for specializing in bizarre rituals, sexual excess, and illegal drugs.

Call Me David alleges, through their MP source, that Cameron took part one night in a Piers Gaveston initiation ritual involving a dead pig. The gist of the alleged ritual, without going into too much detail, is that the head of a dead pig was sat on the lap of a Piers Gaveston member, and that the initiate was required to place a “private part of his anatomy” into the pig’s mouth.

The source allegedly repeated these allegations to Call Me David‘s authors on multiple occasions, and further alleged that he had seen photographic evidence of them. He gave the dimensions of the photograph and provided the name of the individual who he claimed currently holds the photograph.

Unsurprisingly, when the authors contacted the supposed holder of the photograph, they received no response.

Call Me David goes on to indicate that Cameron went on to join the even more notorious Bullingdon Club, another unofficial Oxford dining society that more closely resembles a real-world version of Animal House, albeit absolutely all-male, all-rich and all-high-society. The Bullingdon club is known for its “boisterous rituals,” which include frequent vandalism of restaurants and college rooms. Oxford University refuses to officially acknowledge or sanction the Bullingdon Club, in spite of the general high profile of its members, David Cameron and London mayor Boris Johnson among them.

In closing, bear in mind; Call Me David is an unofficial biography written by one of David Cameron’s long-time political rivals and based heavily on undocumented evidence. It is to be taken with a grain of salt. But if social media is any indication, whatever the truth may be, the British PM is going to wake up with egg on his face in the morning. Possibly with a side of sausage and bacon.

[Photo by Jack Hill – WPA Pool/Getty Images]