Donald Trump’s Advice For Teens: Follow What You Love, Stay Away From Drugs and Alcohol

Donald Trump broke from character Saturday night when he spoke to a group of Iowan students dressed to the nines for their high school homecoming.

Donald Trump’s advice? Stay away from drugs and alcohol.

“If you can stay away from the alcohol and stay away from the drugs, it’s a big, big barrier that you won’t have to work out. And it’s so important.”

Trump was speaking at Urbandale High School after a social media campaign brought him to the suburb of Des Moines, Iowa. Hundreds of students, parents, and community members showed up to hear Trump speak.

Trump Speaks at High School Homecoming in Urbandale, Iowa (9-19-15) and #Trump2016

— Sam (@Samstwitch) September 20, 2015

Trump geared his speech toward the students, reminding them that they were young.

“You represent so much. You represent the future. You represent something very important.…Oh, they’re so young. Look at them. So young and beautiful and attractive.”

When he wasn’t remarking on the appearance and potential of the formally-dressed students, Trump’s advice was simple. He advised the students to follow their hearts, regardless of what it might cost.

“You have to go and follow what you love, you have to do it. And you just have to follow your heart and you’ll be successful. And it may not be pure monetary success, because I know people that are the wealthiest people in the world and they’re not happy.”

The Daily Mail called Trumps speech “a moment of humility for the often-caustic billionaire.”

Trump showed up at the school after the advanced placement political science class bombarded social media with invitations for presidential candidates. The class also visited campaign offices and sent letters to campaign headquarters, according to The Daily Mail.

Donald Trump is currently leading in the polls for the Republican party, sitting just ahead of Carly Fiorina.

Donald Trump’s campaign hasn’t been filled with advice for high school students. Instead, he’s been at the center of controversy for his outspoken ways from the start. Want to know more? You can find out more about Donald Trump’s most controversial moments and comments in the video below.

[Photo by Steve Pope/Getty Images]