Does Derrick Todd Lee Deserve To Die? Serial Killer Faces Death Penalty

Convicted serial killer Derrick Todd Lee has reportedly lost an appeal that would have blocked him from getting the death penalty. KNOE News reports that the Louisiana man has argued that the prosecution didn’t have “adequate DNA testing of evidence,” which he believes to be reason for an appeal. His appeal has been rejected, so what’s next for the convicted murderer?

Dubbed the “Baton Rouge Serial Killer,” Derrick Todd Lee was convicted of several murders in 2004, which led to a sentence of death by lethal injection. He’s spent the past several years at the Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola, Louisiana — which is also home to convicted killer Brandon Scott Lavergne, Nathaniel Code and other serial killers. Like many serial killers, Derrick Todd Lee racked up a body count of multiple victims — at least seven women whom he raped and murdered with a knife. Their violent deaths were given justice when he was given the death penalty. Now, he wants to escape a punishment that is notably far more humane than the suffering through which he put his own victims.

Derrick Todd Lee is one of several dozen people on death row in Louisiana. The evidence against him when his case went to trial was also staggering, which has made it impossible for him to successfully appeal his sentence. Among the evidence used against the serial killer, the prosecution proved that he had left DNA evidence on each of his seven confirmed victims — which proved that he had in fact engaged in sexual activity with them prior to their violent stabbing deaths.

WAFB News reported back during his initial indictment that authorities in West Baton Rouge did a thorough search for evidence against him. The authorities scoured by land and water in search of a weapon or any other evidence to tie him to his seven confirmed victims. A knife was ultimately found that was successfully linked to the serial killer. It was confirmed through authorities that his modus operandi involved stabbing his victims or using his bare hands to end their lives violently.

With all of the evidence used against him during his trial, it’s no surprise to learn that his attempts to appeal the death penalty have been met with nothing but rejection. Meanwhile, no pro-life groups are protesting his impending death. Derrick Todd Lee is scheduled to die in the near future, but an actual date of his upcoming execution is pending.

[Photo: Baton Rouge Police mugshot/Derrick Todd Lee]