‘GTA V’ Freemode Bonuses, Editor Contest

As the weekend draws to a close, there’s just a few hours left to take advantage of the free mode bonuses and exclusives associated with the latest update of GTA V. For next generation console and PC users there are exclusive T-shirts to unlock, and $50,000 in game cash for completing any of the five completely new free mode events. Today’s T-shirt is the popular “Die Already 4,” GTA’s spoof take on the Die Hard film franchise, and there’s some real world merchandise being given away on the Rockstar social club. There is also the chance to purchase vehicles and equipment required for events like “Hunt the Beast” and a range of other discounts are available over the weekend. Notably, ammo, mini guns, and sniper rifles are 50 percent off and a range of vehicles and vehicle upgrades are going at between 25 percent and 50 percent discounts.

The GTA editor has also been released on console — finally — and Rockstar intends to run a competition for the best GTA V productions once their month of free mode updates has run its course, according to the Express.

“Stay tuned for the first Rockstar Editor contest for PS4, Xbox One and PC to be announced sometime next week – giving all the new budding directors on PS4 and Xbox One some time to polish those editorial skills before the gauntlet is thrown down.”

For those still playing GTA V on PS3 and Xbox 360, there are no upgrades, but Rockstar are significantly increasing the frequency of free mode events for those players as a sort of consolation prize. GTA favorites like armored trucks and high priority vehicles will be popping up with significantly increased frequency. They will also be dropping event crates on legacy console players, with the opportunity to win exclusive T-shirts from past GTA events.

The lack of a fresh GTA update for PS3 and 360 probably signals the beginning of the end for new content for these consoles, according to Gamespot. There is little likelihood that any major updates will come out for these consoles in future. Also, with the runaway success of this and other GTA Online events, the prospect of a new story DLC dwindles ever further into the future. Rockstar has previously made it clear that their entire team is pre-occupied with pushing out content for the unexpectedly large and loyal GTA Online community. This means, of course, that it now makes little practical or financial sense to divert resources into the creation of a GTA V single player DLC.

[Image via Rockstar]