‘Big Brother 17’: Is Vanessa Rousso About To Be Blindsided? [Spoilers]

Big Brother 17 is quickly coming to a close, and by Wednesday evening, fans will know who walks away with the $500,000. But as much as the final three — Vanessa Rousso, Steve Moses, and Liz Nolan — have each earned their spot in the final, it’s not an easy route to the big prize. First, the show must crown a final Head of Household. That HOH must make the final eviction of the season. Then the jury will choose between the final two.

As spoilers from the Big Brother 17 live feeds reveal, the house’s ultra-strategic game player, Vanessa, may be in for a blindside on Wednesday night. Don’t read it on if you don’t want to know what’s already gone down inside the Big Brother compound.

On Thursday night, Vanessa won the first round of the final HOH competition. On Saturday, Steve won the second round. That means Vanessa and Steve will compete live on Wednesday night to see who gets the final HOH title. Vanessa has final two deals with both Steve and Liz, but it’s not clear whom she will choose to take. Liz has at least two guaranteed votes on the jury — Austin Matelson and her sister Julia — but Vanessa may still choose to take her over Steve, if it seems the engineer will win out in a jury vote.

Past jury members recently told The Hollywood Reporter that jury members can’t debate the merits of each contestant off-camera.

But the real drama might happen if Steve wins the final HOH. As Big Brother Network revealed, he has no plans to take Vanessa to the final two.

Steve was apparently rehearsing his final eviction speech in the house. He compared himself and Vanessa to Derrick and Cody from Big Brother 16. Derrick was the master-strategist of the game, whom those outside the house long-predicted would win it all. Derrick did not win the final HOH; Cody did. Out of loyalty, he took Derrick to the final two, and Derrick won the jury vote.

Steve apparently does not want that to happen this year.

“So if you’re Derrick, and we’ve been in a final two all season that makes me Cody… You drove our alliance and strategy way more than I did. If I were to take you to the F2 much like when Cody took Derrick to the F2 last year, he lost because of it. I can’t make the same mistake that Cody made last year. Vanessa, I’m so sorry, but I do have to vote to evict you.”

But will Steve actually become the final HOH?

Last year, the final HOH competition involved the houseguests trying to remember specific things said by their fellow houseguests. Vanessa was known for her meticulous study of the houseguests throughout the season. Steve is also known for his great memory.

Fans will find out what happens on Wednesday night during the live finale of Big Brother 17 on CBS.

[Image: CBS]