Pit Bull Puppy Abandoned, And Found, In An Unusual Place In Ferguson…Walmart

Pit Bull puppies, or any kind of puppies, are occasionally abandoned. This is, of course, why shelters and other animal groups started taking puppies and kittens in. Pit bull puppies, or any animal, should not be dropped off in a donation bin. According to Buzzfeed, Ferguson, Missouri, was the site of this exact unusual situation. Walmart was the site, in Ferguson, where Shaun Derienzo and his co-worker found an unusual donation that was squeaking in the Big Brothers Big Sisters charity bin…a pit bull puppy.

“Me and my coworker, we opened up the bin, and were cleaning out the clothes and we heard a little bit of a squeak. Just like normal, we thought it was a kids toy making some squeaking noise in the bin.”

The squeaking sound that led them to investigate the Walmart donation bin was actually a pit bull puppy that apparently someone abandoned, CBS 46 reports.

“So I’m unloading a few more bags, a few more bags and then the sweatshirt started moving and out comes a little baby pitbull. It was crazy. It was weird, unbelievable.”

Derienzo and his co-worker took the pit bull puppy to a local animal hospital, Paw Patch Animal Hospital, to checked out. Patch is the name that the pit bull puppy has been given at this time. Huffington Post reports that the pit bull puppy will be ready for adoption when he is 6 or 7 weeks old, but it was not mentioned as to how old he is right now.

Fortunately, the pit bull found in the Walmart donation bin, might have a little extra luck finding his forever home. The Paw Patch Animal Hospital is partnering up with Animal Welfare Association to help Patch the pit bull puppy find a good home faster.

Patch the pit bull puppy is in good health, however, and was merely a little dehydrated. No one knows how long the pit bull puppy was in the bin, but they are reportedly check once a week. Pit bull puppies are not the only the only puppies being left behind at Walmart, as the Inquisitr reported about a puppy that was tied up and abandoned at the chain market, and had to resort to drastic measures to free itself.

Pit bull puppies, or any puppies for that matter, should never be abandoned like either of these animals. Sadly, animal cruelty exists for all animals, whether you like their breed or not. It seems safe to say that everyone can agree, no animal should have to experience these types of things.

[Photo by Beverly & Pack Via Flickr/ Resized / CC 2.0]