WWE News: Former WWE Champion Backstage At ‘Night of Champions’

With a flurry of rumors surrounding tonight’s Night of Champions pay-per-view, former multiple-time WWE champion Chris Jericho is backstage in Houston, Texas, according to PWInsider.

Both Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns will team up with a mystery partner tonight to face the Wyatt Family, who have run roughshod over the former Shield members. Several names have been teased to potentially be revealed as the mystery partner, but Jericho now becomes the latest rumored name in that mix.

The Inquisitr reported earlier today that “The Devil’s Favorite Demon” Kane is backstage at Night of Champions and expected to make his return. While his exact role is still unknown, the speculation was that he would be revealed as the mystery partner for Reigns and Ambrose.

One other frequently mentioned name to possibly join Reigns and Ambrose is former Wyatt Family member Erick Rowan, but he is reportedly still not physically ready to return to the ring.

As for Jericho, the “Ayatollah of Rock N’ Rolla” has not been seen on WWE television since Brock Lesnar F5’ed him in late-December on Monday Night RAW last year. But he has become a prominent regular on WWE live events since that time. In fact, Jericho is currently working with the WWE for the Y2J Fall Tour.

One reason that Jericho may be able to have brief run on WWE television is because his band Fozzy is not scheduled to go back on tour until the end of October. Therefore, that gives him the rest of September and almost the entire month of October to be involved in televised storylines — in addition to his scheduled live event dates.

Jericho’s last major on-screen storyline was actually against Bray Wyatt last Summer. The duo engaged in several hard-fought matches, spanning Battleground, SummerSlam, and a cage match on Monday Night RAW. But Jericho’s last televised match of that run came against Randy Orton, coincidentally at last year’s Night of Champions pay-per-view.

Since Wyatt ended up as the victor of that feud, Jericho could easily slot in as the third partner, claiming he wants retribution against Wyatt and his family.

However, there is still no confirmation as to who will end up as the mystery partner and Jericho could just be backstage visiting or be used in a different role. But considering Jericho’s reputation and WWE likely wanting a big name as the third partner revealed, he is as viable a candidate as anybody the WWE could use.

[Image via WWE]