Rebecca Henderson Paulk Remains Missing After Two Weeks

The search for missing woman Rebecca Henderson Paulk continues after she vanished approximately two weeks ago. The Alabama woman’s family is also offering a reward in hopes of locating her, but will she be found safely after missing for this long? The circumstances surrounding her disappearance are certainly perplexing, which is why her loved ones are fearing the worst. The Bulletin Leader reports that her family still hasn’t heard from her over the course of the near two weeks that she has been missing.

While searches for the missing woman continue, social media is sharing her details in hopes of attracting more attention to her disappearance. However, the past two weeks of searching have not returned any publicized clues behind what may have happened to her. Meanwhile, authorities have not addressed whether or not they’ve located her cellphone, or if they’ve pinged it in any location other than where her vehicle was found abandoned. What has been confirmed is the fact that a cellphone was found not far from the discovery of her vehicle, but after two weeks authorities in Lauderdale County, Mississippi have not confirmed whether or not it belongs to her.

Rebecca Henderson Paulk was last seen by her loved ones on Labor Day of this year. However, it was within a day that her car was found abandoned in a rural area in Mississippi. Her parents have been pleading for information since her disappearance, confirming that the missing Alabama woman has always remained in daily contact with them up until her disappearance. This information has increased the urgency in the need to find her, or what may have happened to her.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Rebecca Henderson Paulk, you are encouraged to contact authorities in Lauderdale County at (601) 482-9700. Any information could prove useful in the search for the missing Alabama woman, or at least in the investigation behind what may have happened to her. Meanwhile, her loved ones are offering a reward in the amount of $5,000 in hopes of attracting information on her case. Will her loved ones and authorities be successful in their efforts?

[Photo: Lauderdale Co. Sheriff/Family of Rebecca Henderson Paulk]