‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Which Houseguest Is Practicing Eviction Speech?

Big Brother 17 spoilers reveal one houseguest is practicing their eviction speech. A report on new Big Brother 17 spoilers from one of the fan sites breaks down everything that Steve Moses had to say to the cameras. The report came out Sunday, September 20, on fan site Big Brother Network. It relayed information that Steve shared on the live feeds when he had a few moments to himself.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Vanessa Rousso won part one of the final Head of Household competition and then Steve Moses won part two. They will face off in the “live” part three that takes place right before the BB17 jury vote. According to what they have stated on the live feeds, each houseguest plans to take Liz Nolan with them to the final two.

Steve has taken a lot of time to practice his eviction speech for Vanessa in front of the cameras. He is confident that he can win part three of the final HOH competition and get the chance to send Vanessa to the jury. That was one of the more intriguing Big Brother 17 spoilers to emerge from the past few days. It seems like he really wants to get the speech right, touching on many different events that have taken place in the house. He leans heavily on the compliments before his plan of sending her out of the BB17 house.

“Vanessa, you have played the most brilliant game. I mean this as a student and super fan of this game. As a student of this game, you are the most brilliant female player this game has ever seen. Based on what I have seen, you just might be the single most brilliant female player that this game has ever seen.”

In order for him to even get the chance to give a speech, Steve has to win the final HOH competition. It will likely be another question and answer challenge, with the houseguests answering the most questions correctly getting the final vote. As in past seasons, it will likely be host Julie Chen asking seven questions, with a potential tie-breaker should Vanessa and Steve have the same number of correct answers.

The first two parts of the final HOH competition will finally be revealed to CBS viewers during the Sunday, September 20 episode of the show. It is the last new episode before the season finale on Wednesday, September 23. While there could be a shift in how Vanessa Rousso and Steve Moses feel before the finale arrives, it looks like both houseguests are set in their decisions. That should provide more opportunities for Steve to practice his speech, but far fewer Big Brother 17 spoilers over the final days of the season.

[Image Source: CBS Big Brother Press Kit]