Bella Bond: 'Baby Doe' Was Murdered For Being 'Child Of Satan'

As new details emerge in the case of Bella Bond, a 2-year-old little girl found dead in Boston, who police called Baby Doe, the picture of her life becomes a bit clearer, and some of the puzzle pieces are falling into place. Sadly, it appears that Bella's short life was not a happy one.

Little Bella Bond lived with a troubled mother with a drug problem and the mother's boyfriend, who would ultimately end up killing her. Baby Bella never met her biological father, who was in another state.

Rachelle Bond, the mother of Bella, has a criminal record that includes prostitution and heroin possession. Bond previously had her older two children permanently removed from her custody. Though the Department of Children and Families investigated the Bond household in 2012 and again in 2013 due to reports of neglect, the cases were swiftly closed and Bella Bond remained in her mother's care.

Bella Bond's aunt, Tamera Bond, told CBS Boston that Rachelle Bond had a history of drug abuse, as well as a "volatile and angry" temperament, but she didn't think her sister would purposely hurt Bella.

"I just don't understand why she would do this. Rachelle, my sister, I don't think she should have had children."
Michael McCarthy, Rachelle Bond's boyfriend who turned out not to be Bella's dad, has been charged with murder for Bella's death. Her mother said McCarthy punched the tiny toddler in the stomach several times. It is unclear at this time if the punches were the cause of Bella's death. According to ABC News, Bond said her boyfriend killed Bella because he thought she was possessed, reminding her constantly after the murder that Bella was a "child of Satan."

Facebook photo of Bella Bond, a.k.a. Baby Doe, sitting on a rug.
Facebook photo of Bella Bond, a.k.a. Baby Doe, sitting on a rug.

Joseph Amoroso is Bella Bond's biological father. Though he had not met his daughter, he said he would not think that Rachelle Bond could have harmed Bella. Suffolk Country District Attorney Daniel Conley, however, feels differently, reports CNN.

"We allege that McCarthy caused Bella's death, that he did so intentionally, that he and Bond took specific steps to keep Bella's death a secret and to avoid prosecution.

"The tragedy of her death is compounded by the fact that her short life ended not by illness or accident, but we believe by an act of violence in the very place where she should have felt safest, in her home."

Baby Bella Bond looks happy as she rides a bike in the Facebook photo.
Baby Bella Bond looks happy as she rides a bike in the Facebook photo.

Rachelle Bond and Michael McCarthy will be arraigned tomorrow.

Check out these sweet pictures of Bella Bond. Does that look like the face of a possessed child?

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