‘Gotham’ Season 2 To Be A Second First Season? Ben McKenzie And Others Explain

Gotham season 1 certainly had its ups and downs, its fans and haters, and good and bad moments. Gotham season 2 is nearly upon Gotham, DC Comics, and Batman fans, so the cast and crew treated the press to the first two episodes of season 2. Comicbook reports that Ben McKenzie sees Gotham season 2 as “re-originating” the show, as he sees the first episode of season 2 as a new pilot.

“Yeah, we’re re-originating the show pretty significantly. You could say this is a second pilot, and you’re right. The first pilot we made did show how it could be a grand, serialized saga, but it got diverted into the procedural act. We basically needed to end the first season and right the ship, to move it back to where it should’ve been. There’s 75 years of this stuff, all these characters and all these movies. They’re really rich and have this really complicated moral landscape that they’re living in. So let’s, you know, let’s explore that!”

Ben McKenzie, who plays the future Commissioner James Gordon, recalls the pitch that brought him onto Gotham season 1, in which the show’s producer used to explain to him just what the first season would be like.

“When I was pitched this by Bruno Heller, it was ‘Serpico meets L.A. Confidential’ in both its moral landscape and its visuals. It’s the good guy trying to bring justice to an injust world, and in doing that has to rise everyday and confront not only the world but himself and what he’s become. He becomes a pale version of the hero he sets out to be. I think you see that in the first episode of season 2.”

For any Gotham fan who recalls the excessive breaks in season 1, they will be happy to hear that this will not be happening for season 2, and that is via Alfred Pennyworth.

“I think it feels like there are less pages to the scripts but more going on. We won’t have that extra break, that March Madness thing. We’re just going 11, break, then the other 11.”

Gotham season 2 will not be plagued by these breaks, but certainly the network TV landscape is becoming filled with season, mid-season, mid-mid-season, and other breaks that certainly can make fans feel disconnected and disoriented with their favorite shows.

David Mazouz, Gotham’s young Bruce Wayne, has the utmost confidence in season 2. Which seems to the echo Drew Powell’s (Butch) sentiments, as reported by the Inquisitr in August.

“Everything feels different with season 2. We really got our groove. There’s a whole new sense of confidence, from the writers and for me.”

Gotham season 2 premieres in just one day, fans won’t have to wait long to see what the Gotham cast has in store for them.

[Image Via Gage Skidmore]