Kris Jenner And Corey Gamble Help Take Care Of Kids, Kourtney Gives Scott Disick Rehab ‘Ultimatum’

Kourtney Kardashian is doing just fine taking care of her kids even though their dad, Scott Disick, isn’t around. She just needed a little help from Corey Gamble when Kourtney, 36, was out for the day with mom, Kris, and the two older children. With Scott “nowhere to be found,” Kourtney turned to Kris Jenner’s “new man” and got the help she needed with her two older children. Cory Gamble, 35, is dating Kris, 59, and he’s making sure to fit “right in” with the Kardashian klan by “being sweet” to his girlfriend’s kids and grandkids.

Kris and Kourtney were spending the day shopping together in Los Angeles on September 19, and they decided to take along Mason, 5, and Penelope, 3. The kids were great, but needed an extra grown-up around to keep them happy while Kris and Kourtney got some “quality time together.”

Corey was happy to help out. He carried the heavy shopping bags in one hand, and held Penelope “on his hip” with the other. Hollywood Life writes that Corey “looks like a total natural” as a father, something that Kris “probably loved.” But the paper goes on to question why Scott was out of the picture instead of “having a grand old time with his kids.”

Kourtney has taken a hard line with Scott, because she’s “sick of” him and his “hard partying, irresponsible ways.” Kardashian puts the kids first, and wants Scott “to be safe and healthy” for the sake of their three children.

Scott has entered rehab several times, but always goes back to drinking and partying, sometimes even bailing early. Kourtney has decided that rehab and a changed lifestyle are musts if Scott is ever going to be in the kids’ lives again. A source told Hollywood Life that although Kourtney is” livid,” she’s “actually really worried about him,” and knows he needs professional help to get better.

“Her ultimatum: rehab or there’s no chance of a reconciliation. She’s never ever tried to force him into rehab, because she knows he doesn’t think he needs it, but at this point this is the only way she would even consider getting back with him.”

In the meantime, Kourtney will lean on Kris and Corey for the help she needs dealing with the three kids by herself.

[Image via John Sciulli / Stringer / Getty]