WWE Rumors, Spoilers: Huge Returning Star Confirmed Backstage At ‘Night Of Champions’

As if there weren’t enough rumors and possible spoilers floating around for tonight’s WWE Night of Champions, now there is something new to focus on. Rumor has it that a big-time returning star is backstage at the Pay-Per-View (PPV) already and could end up appearing on the show. The question is — will he be back in his corporate form or will Kane return as the Big Red Machine?

According to Wrestling Inc., Kane is indeed backstage at Night of Champions for the event in Houston, Texas. It has not been confirmed if he will be returning to WWE television tonight or not, but he’s there and ready if needed.

Kane has been off TV since back in July when he went to film 6:42 for WWE Studios along with Dolph Ziggler. He was actually rumored to return back for SummerSlam in late August and then the week after, but it kept getting pushed back.

He was written off of WWE television storyline-wise by having Brock Lesnar come out on Monday Night RAW and “break his ankle.”

kane brock lesnar broken ankle

After the attack by Lesnar, Seth Rollins stepped out of the ring and berated Kane for being weak and a whole bunch of other things. Technically, Kane could have grudges against both Lesnar and Rollins, so who knows who he will go after.

WrestleZone is reporting that Kane is one of the numerous names being rumored to show up as the mystery partner and team up with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. If that does end up being Kane, then it completely takes away the rumors of Chris Jericho or Daniel Bryan or Baron Corbin or even The Rock.

One of the other big questions is whether Kane will show up in his corporate attire or under the mask as the Big Red Machine. He’s flip-flopped a couple of times over the course of the past year, and his last stint under the mask didn’t come too well.

Fans weren’t too fond of Kane being under the mask, and under the control of Stephanie McMahon, so he eventually went back to Corporate Kane.

No matter what may end up happening, the big spoiler of the day so far is that Kane is backstage at Night of Champions. WWE may end up using him tonight, or holding off on his return until tomorrow on Monday Night Raw, but he’s in Houston and ready to when the time calls.

[Image via WWE]