WWE News: Female Independent Stars And Former ‘WWE Tough Enough’ Competitors At WWE Try Out Last Week

As everyone knows by know, Josh and Sara Lee from WWE Tough Enough are now under contract with WWE. They both reported to the WWE Performance Center recently and are in training as we speak. However, WWE felt other finalists Amanda and ZZ showed promise. They have hired them both. Right now, ZZ is in training at the WWE Performance Center with the others while Amanda is seemingly out filming mostly with the WWE Total Divas crew.

Amanda is taking the spot of Naomi, which is okay to some but also a bit weird. Amanda being part of another reality show after the hell she caused on Tough Enough makes sense. However, the top four finalists may not be the only people from Tough Enough coming to WWE.

According to Squared Circle Sirens, WWE brought in several people for a WWE try-out this past week. WWE brought in TE final 14 competitor Daria Berenato, top 40 finalist Danielle Kamela, and top 40 finalist Samantha Sage for the try-out.

Other people that came to this past week’s try-out include Indie performers Katie Forbes, Allysin Kay, Hannah St. Claire, Meagan “Aliya” Simone, and Brittany Baker.

On top of the Indie performers, WWE brought in crossfit athlete Bianca Blaire, NBA Dancer Yahne’ Coleman, and fitness competitor CJ Dunning.

It is thought that WWE may very well take a look at the other Tough Enough finalists such as Tanner and Mada. However, they were not part of the try-out this past week. As you probably noticed, it was an all-female try-out. WWE holds these try-outs often, so the other male Tough Enough finalists very well could be part of the next round.

Possibly the most obvious people of interest in this try-out are Daria and Allysin Kay. Daria was a popular person from Tough Enough early on and had her fans. However, drama ended up getting her voted out. She had all of the ability in the world and has a good MMA background to help her in adjusting to the pro-wrestling world.

Allysin Kay is a very popular independent wrestler who is only 27-years-old. Don’t let her age fool you, she is very experienced in pro-wrestling. Like others before her, she very well could be a huge part of the great WWE NXT female division. She has extremely good wrestling ability and has been wrestling for about eight years now. She is one of the more experienced wrestlers that WWE brought in this past week.

Since the try-out just happened, we probably won’t know of anyone being hired for a number of months. Usually the time frame to hear back is three to six months. WWE is trying to make sure they continue to stack their female division with great talent. So they will continue to bring in some top tier female Indie performers on top of random fitness competitors, dancers, and the like.

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