Luke Hemmings’ New Girlfriend Isn’t So New At All

Luke Hemmings has finally found love. Nobody knows exactly who his new girlfriend is yet, but Luke Hemmings’ face was beaming after walking out of a club with a woman in tight jeans and long black hair.

Hemmings agonized earlier over the fact that he couldn’t find love. The 5 Seconds of Summer lead vocalist blamed having to spend so much time with fellow band members Calum Hood, Michael Clifford, and Ashton Irwin as the reasons for his girl problems. Hemmings felt he couldn’t find a woman willing to spend as much time around the guys as he does.

But Luke’s luck recently changed. As the Daily Mail reported, Luke was seen leaving the Nice Guy Lounge in Los Angeles with what fans are hopeful is the love of his life. The woman hid her face behind long black hair, and cuddled in Luke’s chest to escape the paparazzi after a night out.

Many believe the new girl is a Luke Hemmings groupie, and 5SOS follower, named Arzaylea. She’s been around the band for a while, both on social media and in person. It’s up to Luke to admit that the black haired beauty on Instagram and Twitter is the same one everyone is talking about.

Luke and the guys are supposed to have a no-girl policy, but that appears to be changing. If Luke Hemmings openly reveals the mystery woman’s identity and admits they are in a relationship, it may lead his bandmates to do the same. Ashton Irwin already sort of admitted to having a girlfriend during the writing of “She’s Kinda Hot” in an interview. But beyond that, none of the guys have openly admitted who they are dating.

Ashton Irwin told Rolling Stone a special lady inspired the first single off the new album.

“I went into the desert with my girlfriend at the time for two days or something, and I was like ‘Okay, I have to be back by Monday morning because I have a writing session at John’s.’ I got there and everyone is talking about my time in the desert ’cause I had never been to the desert before.”

If Luke Hemmings comes clean about his relationship, it should officially break the 5SOS policy of silence about women, and help the guys realize that it’s okay to have girlfriends, even when you are hard at work on your music. If everything works out, we should see the new lady on Luke Hemmings’ arm during promotion for the new album.

[Photo by Isaac Brekken / Getty Images for iHeartMedia]