Jessa Duggar Seewald Shares Pregnancy Update, Discusses Cravings And Exercise

The most recently wed Duggar, Jessa Seewald, has been answering a series of questions submitted by her fans. The questions focus on her pregnancy and upcoming birth. The mom-to-be discussed pregnancy cravings and fitness in her answer today, noting she tries to stay away from desserts.

The Duggar Family Blog recently asked readers to submit questions to be passed along to Jessa Seewald for consideration. Today’s featured question involved pregnancy cravings. The reader asked, “Have you had any crazy cravings?”

Jessa says that she hasn’t really had any “super weird cravings” like the pickles and ice cream Jill wanted during pregnancy.

“I can’t say that I’ve had any super weird cravings—meaning that I haven’t developed a desire for any foods out of the ordinary, or felt the need to combine pickles with ice cream.”

Jessa did, however, say that she “excuses” anything she is in the mood for food-wise as a “craving.” She jokes that she uses the pregnancy to justify desires such as chocolate or ice cream, but that overall the pregnancy hasn’t caused her to “crave” certain foods.

“I guess I pretty much just excuse anything I’m in the mood for as a ‘craving.’ Like if I really want ice cream, or chocolate, or Italian food, then I must be ‘craving it’, right? Lol!”

The Duggar daughter points out her commitment to a healthy lifestyle by noting that she has tried to maintain a healthy diet along with a regular workout routine. She goes on to note that Ben enjoys the same healthy diet, and they focus on a high protein diet and fresh produce.

“For the most part, Ben and I strive to eat a healthy diet with lots of protein and fresh produce, and we also try to keep up a regular workout routine … and most of the time we try to keep our desserts limited to one per week (although it can be especially difficult when it seems like there’s always another family birthday party just around the corner!).”

Since their marriage, Jessa and Ben have shared numerous photos of their healthy lifestyles with gym selfies and plenty of photos of smoothie creations. In fact, Jessa and Ben love their smoothies so much that they actually announced Jessa’s pregnancy using smoothies, joking that soon they may be making an extra smoothie or two.

What do you think of Jessa Duggar Seewald’s commitment to staying fit throughout her pregnancy?

[Image Credit: Instagram]