WWE ‘Night Of Champions’: Will The Dudley Boyz Rise Again?

The Dudley Boyz return to the WWE tonight at WWE’s Night of Champions. Can Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley rise to the top of the WWE tag team division once again? The Dudley Boyz are set to face The New Day at Night of Champions for the chance at becoming the tag team champions for a staggering 24th time. They held the tag team titles 23 times in the WWE, TNA, ECW, NWA, WCW and Japan.

At WWE Night of Champions every title is up for grabs. All of the individual championships, as well as the Tag Team titles will be fought for. WWE champion Seth Rollins will defend his World Title against Sting in what should be an interesting match. Rollins will also face John Cena for the United States Championship. All the other titles will be on the line as fans wonder which ones will change hands. Let’s take a look at the Tag Team Title.

On WWE Monday Night Raw after SummerSlam, The Dudley Boyz made a surprising return to the ring. What is most surprising about this is that Bubba Ray was just on TNA’s Impact Wrestling just a few weeks prior. The former TNA champion, turned “general manager,” was taken out by a mysterious person backstage. Going by the name of Bully Ray, he was never seen again. That is, until he appeared on Monday Night Raw with his long-time partner, D-Von Dudley.

There were some rumors that Bubby Ray Dudley quit TNA. That was not the case, says Wrestling Zone, who insists that Bubba Ray was not on a long-term contract with the company and was free to leave.

At WWE Night of Champions The Dudley Boyz wrestles The New Day after a four-week run of stating their intentions.

The tag team division was given a much-needed promotional boost by the return of The Dudley Boyz.

There are a couple of good teams in the WWE. The tag team champions The New Day has some great chemistry, as does the Prime Time Playerz. They work in some good in-ring work, some actual team moves are used where you can see the symmetry.

Los Matadores and The Lucha Dragons also have strong ring work. You can tell that they have trained together for quite some time. Often, the problem with WWE tag teams is that they are individual talents who are put together with very little chemistry. They do not keep these teams together long enough to develop chemistry, either. It makes one wonder why The Ascension has not received a push from WWE, due to the fact that they have been a tag team for a couple of years now.

Teams such as The Dudley Boyz are rare these days. Their obvious knowledge of each other comes from years of wrestling together. Even on the rare occasions when The Dudley Boyz faced each other, the look on D-Von Dudley’s eyes when Bubba Ray is getting ready to perform a hold is priceless. This makes The Dudley Boyz the ultimate tag team.

And not only do they work well together in the ring, The Dudley Boyz tries to help others develop their skills and chemistry at the Team 3D Academy of Professional Wrestling and Sports Entertainment. The Miami Herald reports that The Dudley Boyz are helping others achieve their dreams of wrestling glory.

Will The Dudley Boyz win tonight at WWE’s Night of Champions?

The New Day are legit champions. They are the rarity in wrestling entertainment, that they started as singles wrestlers who had a fair share of accomplishments before they were pitted together. They have not disappointed at all with the gimmick that brings to mind the exploits of Edge and Christian during their heyday. They can also wrestle. Will The Dudley Boyz try to put a hurting on them much like they terrorized wrestlers in the past?

If The Dudley Boyz find themselves victorious at WWE’s Night of Champions, it will make for a glorious return.

[Photo by WWE]