Watch Granny Punch Ex-Boxer To The Ground As They Exchange Blows In A Shop [Video]

Footage has emerged online showing the bizarre moment of a confrontation between a grandmother and a rowdy ex-boxer in a shop in Chelyabinsk, Russia. The footage shows the male ex-boxer punched to the ground by the granny as the two exchanged blows in the shop.

The woman, identified as a grandmother and salesperson at a supermarket in Chelyabinsk, walks into a small room and goes to sit at her desk.

A man, reportedly an ex-boxer and co-worker at the supermarket, follows her into the room and shuts the door. He walks up to the granny, who is sitting at her desk, and pulls up a stool. He sits beside her in a manner that suggests there is an issue to be resolved by talking about it.

But an argument develops immediately with both jabbing fingers into each other’s faces, aggressively and angrily.

When the granny jabs a finger into the man’s face, he slaps away her finger. She retaliates with a swiping slap across the man’s face.

The man loses his composure and throws a flurry of punches at the woman, who manages to parry them. She responds with a right swing that has all her weight behind it. The punch sends the man tumbling off the stool to the floor.

The determined lady does not waste time to press home her advantage. She rises to her feet with surprising agility, speed, and determination. She grabs hold of the man’s legs and drags him on the ground, kicking at him at the same time.

As it appears that the man is about to receive a thorough beating, a co-worker who heard the commotion in the room opens the door and enters the room. He intervenes, stops the fight, and helps the dazed-looking ex-boxer to his feet.

Even the rescuer appears wary and scared of the Amazon boxer. He throws a cautious glance at the woman, who makes a comment and points a warning finger at the vanquished foe. She then stops to check her face for bruises in the mirror as the men exit the room.

The woman, identified later in the video as Larissa, explains that her opponent was a famous ex-boxer from Kurgan and a hooligan. He was also allegedly drunk at the time.

Police arrested him and took him to the station, where he reportedly confessed that he demanded 37,000 Rubles from the granny saleswoman.

Some online commenters say the video proves the old saying credited to the nineteenth century Russian poet Nikolay Nekrasov, that “In Russia there are amazing women” who could stop a galloping horse.

[Image: YouTube screengrab]