WWE News: Heath Slater Frustrated With Position In WWE, Posts Cryptic Tweets

One person that hasn’t made an impact on the WWE main roster is Heath Slater. At one point, the One Man Band was over with the WWE Universe. In the last five years, the Three Man Band (Slater, Jinder Mahal, and Drew McIntyre) became beloved by the fans. Clearly, the WWE didn’t agree after they’re release of Mahal and McIntyre from the company.

Slater, an original member of the Nexus, is still on the roster, but hasn’t appeared on WWE Raw in months. He’s relegated to Main Event and Superstars. The future for Slater isn’t bright in the WWE, and that’s becoming evident by Slater’s personal comments on Twitter.

Heath Slater retweeted the Brooklyn Brawler’s tweet, which then set off a number of cryptic messages from Slater.

The One Man Band is visibly upset with the WWE over his position with the company. It’s not that he isn’t a great wrestler or personality. They have a slew of great talent on the main roster already, which sometimes leaves other wrestlers in the shadows for extended periods of time.

Before the cryptic tweets began, Slater answered a fan’s question on Twitter about there not being any Slater t-shirts on WWE Shop’s website. He simply replied, “Well if @WWEShop would make some you can get them there… But they don’t have time for me I guess.” Is this a cry for help from Slater? He has the talent to be a solid mid-card wrestler for the WWE.

He’s not the only wrestler suffering this fate. Curtis Axel and Damien Sandow aren’t used on WWE TV either, which is surprising. After the Hulk Hogan situation took place, they had to kill the gimmick both men were using as a tag-team. They didn’t want Axel to imitate Hogan and Sandow couldn’t do the “Mega Powers” without half of them.

So, months after Sandow was considered one of the most-over men in the company, he isn’t on TV. Slater had a successful run, but WWE had other plans. This isn’t the end for the former-WWE Tag-Team champion. Just like his former-Three Man Band brethren, he may end up in Ring of Honor or in Impact Wrestling. If he jumps ship to another promotion, the foreshadowing is just on Twitter.

[Image via fightnetwork.com]