Vanessa Coleman Tennessee Murders And The Tamika Jasper-Barbary Grand Jury Worker Drug Case Airs Tonight On TV One's 'For My Man'

The Vanessa Coleman, Lemaricus Davidson Tennessee murder case and the Tamika Jasper Barbary drug trafficking case will be the featured stories for the next episode of For My Man. For My Man is a new crime documentary show that now airs on TV One about women who have gotten themselves in legal trouble because they loved their man. The show comes on just after TV One's hit crime show, Fatal Attraction.

In tonight's For My Man, viewers will learn about the case of Vanessa Coleman, a woman who was convicted in the 2007 Tennessee deaths of 21-year old Channon Gail Christian and her boyfriend, 23-year old Hugh Christopher Newsom Jr.

Channon and Christopher were kidnapped from their vehicle after leaving an apartment in the area. When they were abducted, they were taken back to a home where they were raped and tortured for hours. It's an incredibly sad case, but a bit controversial. The victims were white. The perpetrators were all black, which caused tremendous outrage in the community. The case was heavily criticized by whites who felt that the case was ignored by the media, since it was a case of black on white crime. Since that time, some white hate groups have constructed various pages that call for the deaths of the killers, but are peppered with #BlackLivesMatter information. Vanessa Coleman, along with the other accomplices, are currently incarcerated in a Tennessee correctional facility.

The Tamika Jasper Barbary case was in the news in 2012, after news broke that a grand jury worker helped her drug-dealing hubby by telling him that a witness was going to help in the federal investigation against him, according to the Sun Sentinel. Sources say Tamika Jasper Barbary was desperate to please her cheating husband. It was common knowledge that 36-year old Andre Barbary was not only a drug dealer but a womanizer. Court records show that Andre Barbary cheated on his wife with seven different women in just a few short months. Court records also show that while Tamika Jasper Barbary worked as a clerk in the U.S. Attorney's office of Miami, which made her privy to sensitive information, she learned the name of a person who was going to cooperate in the drug investigation. The witness turned out to be an ex-friend of Andre's. Andre Barbary, who was being investigated for drug crimes spanning three counties, including Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach, was eventually arrested for running a massive cocaine drug trafficking business in Florida. Tamika Jasper Barbary was also arrested, but given a relatively light sentence compared to her husband.

Please remember to watch these shocking cases tonight on For My Man on TV One. Recently, the Inquisitr reported on the Towanna Brinkley and Lesley Davis murder cases.

[Photo Credit: TV One/ Facebook]