WWE News: Update On When WWE NXT Champion Finn Balor Will Hit The The Main Roster

WWE NXT Champion Finn Balor has become a major star in NXT since his arrival. Due to all of the attention NXT is getting for its quality matches and stories, Balor has grown even more popular than he was in NJPW, where he was considered one of the best in the world. In WWE, it was thought that he would be stuck in developmental hell for a while until he “found himself.” However, not only has Balor found himself, but he also exceeded all expectations. Yet, he still remains “technically” in developmental.

Finn Balor has said in numerous interviews that he is happy with his role in WWE NXT, and he should be. He has been excellent since day one, and NXT has grown into such a popular place that he fits in well as its top star for now. However, when will he finally make his way up to the main roster?

Cageside Seats reported that the reason Balor has not been called up yet is due to the lack of stars in NXT. This is very true. However, since the likes of Apollo Crews are there now with the addition of Samoa Joe, they can build guys back up. The idea is that Balor may debut on the main roster officially later this year. The plan is to wait for Hideo Itami to come back, as well as Sami Zayn. While Zayn was technically called up months ago when he had his match with John Cena on WWE RAW, due to him getting hurt, WWE might want to bring him back to NXT for a while first.

The plan is for Zayn to be back by November, which would allow him to work the last NXT Takeover event of the year. He could then re-debut, potentially, at the Royal Rumble in January.

It is unknown when Itami will make a main roster run, and he is set to be back potentially in October. So Balor could debut on WWE programming by November, due to all of the stars coming back and others coming in to NXT by that point.

Finn Balor is clearly loved by WWE fans, and everyone wants to see what he can do when given a chance on the main roster. However, it might be best to make sure he has a good program from the beginning. A proper debut program has helped many get over as top stars. From John Cena to Brock Lesnar, your debut on the main roster must make an impact if you are to be taken seriously and if you want fans to take notice. Hopefully, that happens with Balor.

[IMG Credit: Fansided]