‘Scandal’ Season 5 Premiere Spoilers: Big Decisions And Drama Teased For All

Scandal is ready to give fans exactly what they have wanted the last four seasons. Olivia and Fitz are together at last, but there is fallout from all the events of the Scandal season 4 finale. Olivia and Fitz were the only two people smiling as the credits began to roll at the end of the episode.

Fitz kicked Mellie out, Cyrus was kicked out of his job, and Huck is facing trouble as well. Spoiler TV shared the photos and details for the Scandal season 5 premiere this week, and there are big things ahead for the newly-reunited Olivia and Fitz.

The details from ABC teased that, “Olivia and Fitz are back together again and enjoying every scandalous moment together while Cyrus, Mellie and Huck are all still dealing with the aftermath of helping Command.”

The Scandal premiere will show Fitz’s next big step. He will ask Mellie for a divorce. That moment ended the Scandal season 5 trailer released last week.

Bellamy Young teased to TV Line that the Scandal season 4 finale “pulled the rug out from under everyone.” The premiere will pick up immediately after the end of season 4, and those characters will need to deal with the messes that they made.

As for Jake, he may have stepped aside and allowed Olivia to reunite with Fitz, but he will have his own issues. Shonda Rhimes teased to Entertainment Weekly that “Jake goes on a journey that might destroy everything.”

Jake has caused a lot of commotion on the series. His “death” on the series last season caused fan uproar, but he was not dead at all. However, it is clear that Olivia and Fitz are together. Now, the couple will need to deal with the chaos that comes from that union.

ABC has made it clear that “at last” is the theme for this season. A new poster released by ABC used that as a tag line, and the song “At Last” is playing in the background of the season 5 trailer.

Is it possible that fans will see Olivia become the First Lady before the season ends? Shonda Rhimes teased to TV Line that the “concept is intriguing.” Fans are definitely excited about the union of one of television’s hottest couples.

Throughout the last four seasons, Scandal has teased fans with the relationship. Shonda Rhimes has revealed in previous interviews that the relationship is the end game. It is not known how long the series will last on ABC. In previous interviews, Rhimes has revealed Scandal would not have the longevity of Grey’s Anatomy. The series may end when Fitz’s time in office ends.

For now, fans will have the chance to enjoy Olivia and Fitz as a couple. The aftermath of the finale will take precedence as the season begins.

Scandal will return to ABC on Thursday night. Are you excited for the return of Scandal?

[Photo courtesy of ABC]