Hong Kong Disneyland: Couple Has Argument, Jumps Into Moat Surrounding Castle

The Disney Parks around the world are seen as some of the happiest places on earth, but there are still human beings visiting and real life happens. That’s exactly what happened at Hong Kong Disneyland this week, as a couple got into an argument about something, and they both ended up in the moat surrounding Sleeping Beauty Castle.

As reported by Ejinsight, an unidentified couple was having an argument right outside of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Hong Kong Disneyland on Thursday. The altercation ended up getting very loud and started to go in directions that were frightening other guests.

Guests say the incident happened around 4 p.m., and that the couple who was arguing was from Mainland China. Apparently, they kept yelling at one another and it just appeared to keep escalating and getting louder.

Onlookers said that the woman was extremely angry and in the middle of the argument, she ran and jumped into the moat surrounding Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Bystanders just kept staring at the couple who simply continued to argue as the woman stood in waist-high water in the moat. Her partner was on the castle bridge just staring wide-eyed at her standing there and shouting “come back” over and over.

View HK reported that the woman would not step out of the moat, and simply kept standing there in the water. Even though she was in no danger due to the shallow water, the man could not get her to come out, so he jumped in after her.

At this point, the man approached the woman in the water and attempted to drag her back to the shore. She still refused to leave the moat.

Eventually, Cast Members from Hong Kong Disneyland approached them in the moat and escorted them out of the water.

The couple was shouting at one another in Putonghua so it isn’t exactly clear what their argument was about. Bystanders simply stated that it was very loud and the couple was becoming rather erratic with their anger.

A spokesperson for Hong Kong Disneyland said that the couple suffered no injuries of any kind. It was not known if they were escorted from the park as well. One witness to the incident joked around saying that they probably jumped in the water because it is so hot.

Disney Parks are generally happy places, and that includes Hong Kong Disneyland, but arguments and real life does happen. Just try not to let it get to the point of the couple that jumped into the moat surrounding Sleeping Beauty Castle.

[Image via Apple Daily – Bloomberg / Ejinsight]