WWE News: Latest Update On Roman Reigns And Dean Ambrose’s Mystery Partner At ‘Night Of Champions’

Tonight at Night of Champions, the WWE Universe will get a few answers they’ve been looking for. Sting’s future over the next few months will reveal itself. If he captures the WWE championship, that guarantees him included in future storylines for the foreseeable future. If John Cena reclaims his United States title, then Rollins should retain his WWE championship with ease.

Also, Sheamus continues to remain a wild card throughout the prediction phase. Nobody knows if he’ll cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase or not. The latest update suggested that he won’t, but there isn’t a confirmed action until it happens with the WWE.

Charlotte and Nikki Bella is also a big match. If the Divas Revolution is truly what WWE officials want, then Charlotte has to win. If not, Bella will continue her reign and squash the Revolution. Lastly, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose take on the Wyatt Family. They are down a man, and promised Bray Wyatt that a mystery partner is coming tonight.

Nobody knows who it’s going to be. Does the WWE already have a man in mind? According to Daily Wrestling News, Ambrose and Reigns’ mystery partner wasn’t figured out as of a few days ago.

“Word from within WWE is that as of late Thursday night, there was still no final decision on who will team with Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose against The Wyatt Family at tomorrow’s WWE Night of Champions pay-per-view.

We’ve noted how some of the rumored names include Chris Jericho and Kane. The Rock, Finn Balor,Samoa Joe and Daniel Bryan have also been rumored. Bryan is likely a long shot.”

All of the names listed are great choices to be the mystery partner at Night of Champions. Balor, Joe and Bryan are realistic, while the Rock and Kane just don’t make sense. When Kane does return, it will to stop Seth Rollins from doing something. That, or Brock Lesnar’s return might coincide with Kane’s. As for Jericho, he usually does house shows exclusively. The chance of his comeback is small.

Another variable in their situation is the possibility of a heel turn. Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns are rumored to turn soon, which means only one of them will at once. There are numerous ways to turn Reigns heel, but the WWE has to pull the trigger soon.

If one of Reigns’ family members is brought in by Ambrose, then perhaps it will give Reigns a motive to attack Ambrose and start their long-term feud. Because their friendship is so strong, this feud has to have the same impact Triple H and Shawn Michaels did. The WWE played their cards right there, and now they have the same opportunity. When one turns heel, the WWE will make a moment never to be forgotten.

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