Pastillas Girl: 'It's Showtime' Answer To The AlDub Phenomena Fails To Bring Same Hype

The Pastillas Girl is It's Showtime's answer to the AlDub phenomena, but the second-rated noontime show in the Philippines is failing to garner the same attention as the drama between Alden and Yaya Dub.

The AlDub saga has played out over the last several weeks on GMA's Eat Bulaga!, with viewers following the adventures of the lovers in their near-misses and culminating with this weekend's big event, the first ever date between the two.

While the show has gotten millions of viewers and now tens of millions of Twitter mentions, It's Showtime has taken its own approach to finding viewers. The show has introduced the lovelorn Pastillas Girl, played by Angelica Jane Yap. Fans may remember Yap from her viral instructional videos, where she showed viewers how to make pastillas de leche and yama.

As the Manila Bulletin noted, Pastillas Girl had a built-in audience when she came to It's Showtime. The episodes have followed her quest for love after being dumped by an ex-boyfriend.

Despite the attempt to cut into some of Eat Bulaga's ratings, the Pastillas Girl has failed to help It's Showtime. Eat Bulaga! remains atop the ratings, and it dominating attention on Twitter, as well. This weekend, the first date between Yaya Dub and Alden got more than 11 million tweets, while It's Showtime failed to crack one million.

Recently, Showtime co-host Coleen Garcia weighed in on the AlDub vs. Pastillas Girl showdown, saying both shows are doing a good job.

"One thing that I actually pick up on is that I'm happy that there are two noontime shows that are doing their very best to make people happy," she told Pep. "Because, at the end of the day, it's really about the audience. It's really about the fans."

Garcia didn't want to bash her Eat Bulaga! counterparts, saying both shows bring something unique.

"The good thing about all of this is we're two different shows and we're trying very, very hard to make our fans happy," she said.

But as the AlDub drama continues on, there are some wondering just how long Eat Bulaga! can keep fans hooked. After Saturday's highly-anticipated date, Yaya Dub raced away and was heard possibly getting into a car crash. But even if it drops off, there is nothing in the ratings to suggest that It's Showtime and Pastillas Girl will be able to surpass them.

[Image via It's Showtime]