Man Struck By Lightning Bolt Acquires Superhuman Powers [Video]

Footage showing the moment that an Australian photographer, Brian Skinner, claims he acquired superhuman powers after being struck by a lightning bolt has gone viral online. Skinner was struck by a lightning bolt while taking photographs of a storm.

The avid photographer claims that after the incident, he found he had acquired superhuman strength and powers, including the ability to read people’s minds. He said he found he also had “heightened sensory capabilities” and could tell what people wanted to say before they said it.

The video showing the moment that Skinner was hit by lightning was shot by his partner, Julia, on a beach in Newcastle, north of Sydney in Australia.

He was taking pictures of a storm brewing over Stockton Breakwall on the coast of New South Wales in Australia on November 30 last year when, suddenly, he was enveloped in a bright flash of light and a lightning bolt struck him in the hand.

“I went to put my hand on the camera to stop the exposure and I could see the lightning go through my hand. It was like everything stood still… a complete out of body experience. I felt like I was watching a bolt of lightning go through my hand for five minutes.”

Skinner said that being struck by lightning felt like being hit by a sledgehammer.

Immediately after the incident, as he got into his car, he noticed that his severely bruised right hand had turned “charcoal black,” and that the ring in his finger was damaged.

Skinner believes he is lucky to be alive and that he survived because the gold ring prevented his body from taking the full impact of the lightning.

“It was a very close call, it was probably within five meters of directly hitting me.”

He noticed soon after the incident that he had acquired psychic ability to read people’s minds and that he could actually “hear” people’s thoughts. He also found that he had super-heightened sensory capabilities and that he could hear and see better than normal.

“For about a week, I had heightened sensory capabilities,” he said. “I could see things you normally can’t see and hear long distance. I even had psychic abilities. It was the weirdest experience, I’d look at people and could hear what they were saying like they were talking to me. I asked myself if I was having delusions, you tell people these sorts of things and they look at you very strangely.”

He said he also felt exceptionally strong and vigorous, and he could lift weights three times heavier than before. It felt as if the lightning had supercharged his body, and he wondered whether being struck by lightning was transforming him into Superman.

“I thought, ‘am I becoming Clark Kent? Am I Superman?’ “

But Skinner has since lost the powers he claims he acquired.

[Image: YouTube screengrab]