‘Sexual Rights’ Dubbed New Official Terminology In U.S. Government

The term “Sexual Rights” has been officially adopted by the United States Government to categorize a number of issues, both domestic and abroad. Sexual Rights will now be the umbrella term under which human rights and global development are concerned, it was announced last week at the United Nations.

This official change has occurred because of the lobbying efforts of a number of groups that have argued for years that the United States Government has to represent global leadership in regard to the rights of all individuals with respect to gender identity or sexual orientation.

Sexual Rights will also incorporate the right of each individual to “control and decide freely and responsibly on any matters with regards to their sexuality,” as well as their reproductive and sexual health without the threat or occurrence of discrimination, violence, or coercion.

Serra Sippel, the President of the Center for Health and Gender Equality, said in a statement that the adoption of the Sexual Rights terminology follows in the footsteps of “huge strides” the Obama administration has made on LGBT issues.

So, what exactly does all this mean? As a result of the official adoption of the term Sexual Rights and all it entails, does the adoption mean that the United States Government is officially sanctioning things like abortion, homosexual relationships, and transgender lifestyles the world over?

The Center for Health and Gender Equality in Washington D.C. says that the incorporation of the Sexual Rights moniker as official terminology is a symbolic indication that sexual and reproductive health and their rights are a vital part of a global development agenda.

The adoption of the Sexual Rights terminology comes just days before over 150 world leaders will gather to launch a new set of global development goals that include gender equality and universal access to reproductive and sexual health. The group hopes to get all of this enacted by the year 2030.

All of what the Sexual Rights terminology seems to encompass might seem a bit too liberal for some parts of the world, as well as some parts of the United States.

The Vatican, in particular, gave a concerned comment on the new adoption of the Sexual Rights terminology at the United Nations. The Holy See reiterated its stance on abortion and said that the understanding of gender is “grounded in the biological sexual identity that is male or female.”

What do you think? It is a good thing that the United States wants to ensure the Sexual Rights of all individuals around the world?

[Photo by Brendan Hoffman / Getty Images]