Disturbing Video Shows Paris Man Fall To His Death After Climbing Tall Statue During Rave

A disturbing video shows a man fall to his death in Paris after climbing a tall statue in the center of Place de la République. Footage of the incident has gone viral.

The accident happened Saturday afternoon, as an unidentified man climbed the park’s statue during the Techno Parade music festival. The man reached the top level of the statue, which, according to the video, appeared to be more than 50 feet above the ground.

The video of the man falling off the statue to his death circulated on social media, which created a bit of controversy on Twitter, AFP reported. The crowed could be heard screaming as he began to fall, then struck a ledge on the way down and sent his body tumbling.

A shorter video of the aftermath showed footage of fellow concertgoers rushing to the young man’s aid as he lay motionless on the concrete with a small pool of blood forming behind his head.

The man’s name has not yet been released, and it is not known if he died on impact or survived to be taken to a hospital.

The event’s organizers said the festival was already over when the man fell to his death. “The incident occurred after the conclusion of the Techno Parade,” said a visibly-shocked Tommy Vaudecranne, president of Technopol, which organized the event. “All of the floats had already left the Place de la République.”

“Our hearts go out to the family and relatives of the deceased.”

It is not the first time this summer that a young man attending a rave ended up falling to his death. In May, a 23-year-old man fell 50 feet off a cliff in Vancouver while attending an urban rave. The party was taking place near Siwash Rock, which overlooks the Salish Sea.

Other party-goers said they had been warned about the dangers of the cliff, and The Vancouver Sun reported that nearby there was a sign that read, “Danger. Cliff Area. Keep Out.”

Aaron Broesky, a 29-year-old who attended the rave, said he tried to warn others about the dangers of the cliff.

“We saw other people climbing the edge and told them it is a straight-drop down,” he said. “… They were on the other side of the fence and we were telling them to watch out.”

Reports say it is not uncommon for young people in Paris to climb onto tall structures, including bus depots and statues, during outdoor events and concerts.

Video of the man in Paris falling to his death from a statue can be seen here, but be warned the footage may be disturbing to some viewers.

[Image via YouTube]