Kate Upton’s Hot Shower No Match For Mariah Carey’s ‘Game Of War’ Ad

Mariah Carey has officially replaced supermodel Kate Upton in a brand new Game of War advertisement this week. And, after comparing the performance of both divas, it’s clear to viewers everywhere there’s a new “Hero” in town.

As reported by Hollywood Life, Mariah Carey has taken the helm of the new Game of War advertisements in a deal reportedly worth six figures. The deal focused on utilizing Carey’s library of songs to go along with the cleavage-bearing singer’s appearance. Set in the same fantasy realm as Kate Upton’s character, Athena, the commercial features Mariah’s signature song, “Hero,” lending credence to that original report.


In the ad, two battle-weary warriors face dire circumstances and must enlist the aid of a hero. One of the mud-soaked combatants deftly reaches for his phone to call on a host of new warriors to help them while Carey’s “Hero” repeatedly plays in the background. It’s not until a dragon is smoked out of the sky by an unknown assailant that we lay eyes on Mariah in costume for the first time.

“Time to be heroes guys,” Carey confidently quips, holding the flaming crossbow that did in the beast. She then rushes into the raging battle alongside our two protagonists, who are left speechless.

And while both Kate Upton and Mariah Carey both appeared in cleavage-bearing bustiers, Carey’s more natural performance was a clear upgrade over Upton’s “wooden” delivery. As reported by Inquistr, Kate Upton’s performance in the Game of War ads was met with heavy criticism at the time with many analysts claiming the lucrative ads actually hurt her career more than helped it.

The NY Post, for example, pointed out Kate’s flaws as an actress in the ad.

“As soon as she uttered, ‘Do you want to come and play?’ it made people wonder whether she should have stuck to modeling.”

Mariah Carey, meanwhile, seemed more at ease inside her giant, breast-plated armor, as opposed to Kate Upton, who rode on horseback or was bathed by her servants.

Speaking of bathing, Sports Illustrated has also released a new video this week, this one starring Kate Upton. Taken during one of the sexy supermodel’s earliest photo shoots, it features an Upton who has no problems coming across natural and fun, unlike her Game of War ads.

Perhaps if Kate Upton channeled this performance for Game of War, there would have been little need for any new heroes, like Mariah Carey, to take her place.

[Mariah Carey Game of War image via YouTube]