‘Life In Pieces’: CBS Comedy And NBC’s ‘Blindspot’ Premiere Tomorrow, Plus, Could ‘Blindspot’ Be Inspired By A True Story?

Life In Pieces is a charming new TV show that is headed to CBS tomorrow night. Life In Pieces, which airs just before the second season premiere of CBS’ Scorpion and NBC’s Blindspot, follows a family of siblings and parents who are leading their busy lives without stopping to enjoy the good moments in life — the pieces that make life worth living. That’s the goal of John, the patriarch of the family, to bring his children together for them to slow down and to take pleasure in living. The story will be told through four separate short stories over several episodes. Created by Justin Adler, Life In Pieces stars cast members Dianne Wiest as Joan, James Brolin as John, Colin Hanks as Greg, Betsy Brandt as Heather, Thomas Sadoski as Matt, Zoe Lister Jones as Jen, Dan Bakkedahl as Tim, Angelique Cabral as Colleen, Niall Cunningham as Tyler, and Holly J. Barrett as Samantha. Before viewing the synopsis, here is a short breakdown of the characters, according to Variety.

Who’s Who

  • Joan–the mother of the family. She is married to John.
  • John–the 70-year old father.
  • Matt–the middle child who is in love with Colleen.
  • Colleen–coworker and love interest of Matt.
  • Greg–the youngest brother of Heather and Matt. He is married to Jen.
  • Jen–married to Greg and is expecting her first baby.
  • Heather–is the oldest sibling who is having a hard time letting go of her soon-to-be-an-adult son,
  • Tyler. She is married to Tim.
  • Tim–a doctor who is married to Heather.


In Story 1 — The First Date, we see happy couple Colleen and her new boyfriend, Matt, enter the home where they find Colleen’s ex-fiancé, Chad. Chad looks on calmly and informs Matt that he is not her ex-fiancé—he is still her fiancé. Desperate to find a place to make out, Matt and Colleen end up at Matt’s place, where they bump into Matt’s parents, Joan and John, who are sitting in their night robes watching something inappropriate on TV. In Story 2 — The Delivery, we meet Greg and Jen, who are giving birth to their first child and later struggle with having to wait six weeks to have sex again. Story 3 — The College Tour — leads in with Tim attempting to have an awkward talk with his teenage son, Tyler, about losing his virginity. Story 4 — The Funeral — shows a jovial John showing up to his 70th birthday party with his funeral as the theme in his attempt to deal with old age and death.

Produced by 20th Century Fox Television and Kapital Entertainment, Life in Pieces is a delightful comedy that is sure to warm the hearts of viewers. Don’t miss the premiere Monday, September 21, at 8:30/7:30 central on CBS. The tease and trailer are below.

Another interesting show that will premiere on NBC is Blindspot, a new TV series about a woman who wakes up with amnesia after she is discovered in a park. Her tattoos may be the only thing that can help FBI detectives establish her identity. Some true stories in the news that are similar include the case of David Stuart Maclean, of The Answer To The Riddle Is Me, and the case of Larry Wayne-Rhinehart, a Tennessee salesman who couldn’t remember who he was but was later identified by his lion-heart tattoo. The Inquisitr recently wrote about two other TV show premieres: Vet School on Nat Geo Wild, and Last Hope With Troy Dunn on UPtv.

Life In Pieces Trailer

NBC’s Blindspot Trailer

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